Steinhart Distillery – Toast

Steinhart Distillery 

5 Stars

Reviewed 02 Oct 2015

For a video on a Mojito Recipe using Steinhart Gin Click Mojito: The Canadian Melba

Thomas Steinhart signed my guestbook

Thomas Steinhart signed my guestbook

Thomas Steinhart is the most charismatic and genuine and friendly distillery master I have ever met.

We ended up spending nearly 2 hours here just sharing stories and jokes. I think that’s the best part about any business… is that the owners don’t make it seem like a business but rather a friendly setting where everyone is at home having a drink with some friends.

Thomas was not only great at conversation but he took the time to show us his stills and you can feel and easily tell that this man has a passion for his profession. Actually, he used to be an engineer and decided to pursue distilling just like his father and his father’s father. 

We ended up ordering 6 bottles of the most delicious and aromatic vodka’s and gin from him. However it won’t be the last time we give Steinart Distillery a call. Even though I live in Alberta his family like demeanour and high quality liquors will bring as back for many years to come. 

PLUS! He’s uber professional and shipped our order very fast! I mean FAST!!!

For more information visit @steinhartdistil or facebook 

For a video on a Mojito Recipe using Steinhart Gin Click Mojito: The Canadian Melba

Wild Tuna Charters – Toast

Wild Tuna Charters : 5 STARS

Reviewed 21 Sept 2015
Underwater Shot of A Tuna Tail

Underwater Shot of A Tuna Tail

They don’t call him Captain Scott for nothing. If you want a genuine personal experience with insight into local life, read on!

We met Captain Scott through our Woods Canada counterparts while travelling across Canada. He went out of his way to not only give us an ultimate tuna experience but shared with us his love of PEI and key places to go visit locally.

To see the video of my experience click here.

Our first adventure with Scott included the opportunity to actually experience being members of his crew and spent a day shadowing and learning how to halibut fish. This was probably one of the most memorable experiences ever because not only did we get to see how and where our food comes from but we learned the value of how hard Captain Scott and Canadian fisherman work to ensure fresh and sustainable seafood.

Then on our next day with Captain Scott. The Big Tuna day. We spent the morning catching mackerel to bait the tuna and then we began searching for signs of tuna out in the open sea.

With Captains Scott’s sharp eye and quick instincts we soon found several areas where the Tuna were feasting. It took a few rounds of chasing and sighting the beasts but at 3pm we hauled in a 10 foot tuna with an estimated weight of 750lbs!

As a testament to his skill in this trade – out of all the other charters out on the water that day, Wild Tuna Charters was the only one that caught anything!

For More Info Visit: or Facebook @wildtunacharters

Suroit Aventures – Toast

Suroit Aventures: 5 stars

Reviewed: 04 Aug 2015
Had an awesome experience with Suroit Advenures! Yann and Catherine are not only amazing kiteboarding instructors but when we arrived and the weather wasn’t conducive to kiteboarding they offered to take us on a tour around ile de coudres and showed us all the local spots for great local baked goods and ciders.
Getting ready to fly the kite.

Getting ready to fly the kite.

Then in the afternoon the wind picked up and Yann spent the afternoon giving us such a great lesson! Being a long time instructor myself I really appreciate an instructor that uses creative ways to teach and accommodates to the skill level of the student! Yann and Catherine are multilingual too. If you want a really personal experience not only on the water but with the people of ile de coudres then I would definitely recommend going to Suroit Adventures ! Thank you so much I think we found a new sport to get addicted to!
Melba & Adam
For more information about lessons contact Suroit Aventures on Facebook.

Canoe Canada Outfitters – Roast

Canoe Canada Outfitters

Roast – 2 Stars

Reviewed on 11 July 2015

Beware the more beautiful the exterior - the more terrible the PR skills on the interior.

Beware the more beautiful the exterior – the more terrible the PR skills on the interior.

Any paddler arriving at the canoeing capital of Canada would be instantly excited to pass the welcome signs of Atikokan. We were excited as any other to begin our trip and upon seeing the beautiful Canoe Canada building we thought wow! Then it changed.

My spouse entered first to let the outfitter know that we arrived and even though we weren’t expected to pick up the rentals until tomorrow we wanted to pick up some maps and local information on fishing and camping so we could prepare for our 5 day trip.

“I don’t know what you want from me I’m not here to plan your trip!”

I was outside taking photos of the beautiful building and walked in maybe 3-5 minutes after my partner entered only to find Jim Clark aggressively yelling at Adam saying “I’m an outfitter it’s not my job – I don’t know what you want from me I’m not here to plan your trip!.” 

Adam’s a happy go lucky guy so I was beyond surprised to walk into a conversation like that and asked what was the reason behind the hostility and looking at Adam wondering what he might have said to Jim. Apparently Adam just told him he was here to check in and was asking about fishing when Jim lashed out. 

Our booking was arranged by a third party outdoor company and Jim was angry because people normally booked 5 months in advance but we booked only a couple weeks in advance. I changed the subject and proceeded to direct the conversation back to highlighting areas of the Quetico area, as Jim was obviously very experienced and knowledgeable. 

He essentially spent the better part of 30 minutes telling us we didn’t know what we were doing (without any idea who were we’re as paddlers or even humans) and condescendingly gave us a quick review of a part of the area with the frequent jab of 

“well you could go here because the fishing is great but no you probably shouldn’t because you can’t handle it and if you end up crying – so you should just go this route.” – Jim Clark

He belittled us and was aggressive and rude. This was the worst and more unprofessional human encounter we have ever experienced.  It does not matter how experienced you are – you do NOT treat people the way Jim treated us. We are travelling as outdoor ambassadors and our goal is to share the Canadian Experience with all Canadians and connect with the community.

Our goal is to be inspired and inspirational and thankfully Atikokan has such redeeming qualities as a compassionate town that we have been telling everyone to come to the town to paddle but at all costs avoid CANOE CANADA.(obviously judge for yourself.)  

There are PLENTY of other outfitters that charge less and treat you like a person. We spoke to a couple paddlers in their 60’s and they also told us of their past experiences with Canoe Canada as being unpleasant so even though we thought perhaps Jim was having a bad day, that benefit of the doubt was washed away by their account of their experiences.