Travel Mug Review Contigo Vs. Starbucks Vs. David’s Tea

If you’re someone who loves hot drinks, teas and everything that is associated with tea culture, this travel mug review will come in handy.  I have always been a lover of tea and tea related things; so much so, that I have a section of my home dedicated for all my tea things.

One of the reasons I became fascinated with pottery, was so that I could make my own tea vessels, and beyond that, I even spend time in the bush gathering and preparing herbs to make my own teas.

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Cross Canada Explorers Calgary Global News

Camera One to Camera Two

Yesterday, my day was probably like many other Canadians out there. I woke up, completed my morning routine brushing my teeth, using the restroom etc. I scraped the frost off my car while the engine warmed up and I drove to work.

Mic'ed and waiting to be interviewed on Global Morning News

Mic’ed and waiting to be interviewed on Global Morning News

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