To Grow is to Accept Imperfection. Life Lessons from a Quilt.

The last few months I’ve been slowing down my activity level, due to a human brewing inside me. Instead of hitting up the climbing gym or going on big day trips I’ve been downsizing my adventure days and incorporating more handmade homemade days. Continue reading

Stettler to Drumheller: Paddling the Red Deer River.

It feels as though it’s been ages since our last canoe trip. Since we’ve met, Adam and I have made it a tradition to do at least one paddling trip a year. Last year with over 30 days paddling, during the Woods Canada Cross Canada Journey, I feel as though I’ve short changed myself this year.  Continue reading

Adventures with AdamsMom: Episode 4, Just Keep Paddling La La La. 

A week in Calgary through the eyes of a Polish Mom.

AdamsMom had been visiting us from Mississauga for the past few days. She has never been to the West side of Canada and what better way to entice her to move here than show her our backyard – the Canadian Rockies.

Continue reading