The REAL Famous : Episode 1 Russell Thomas

For the video click here. The REAL Famous:Episode 1 Russel Thomas 

Wild Colour Art By Russell Thomas


I met Russell Thomas about 4 years ago. We were both casted in my first musical HomeTown the Musical, and from there I began my journey of getting to know The REAL Famous Russell Thomas.

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A Day on A Loose Lady 10a

Climbers, though they are typically focused and disciplined individuals, they also have a finesse for naming climbing routes – not to mention a hilarious sense of humour.  Today my new friend Karl and I, climbed the Loose Lady 10a at Houser Buttress in Joshua Tree National Park.

Housers Buttress

Housers Buttress

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Keyano Theatre YMCA Gym Team

Gone And Maybe Forgotten?

In the past living in other cities, I’ve been away from my friends and community for sometimes months at a time.  And often times it would take quite a bit of effort to “get back in,” into those groups. After the Woods Dream Job stealing me away from my town for 5 months, I have to be honest and say I was a little apprehensive coming back. “Would people remember me? Did they miss me? What did I miss?”

Cabaret Cast

Cabaret Cast

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Seto Pottery : Ceramics Inspired By Nature

I have always been known as someone who loves to build with their hands.  At at early age you would always find me making things and building things.  I believe that there are many ways to measure the awesomeness of a human being, but the most important form of measurement is indicated by the desire to pursue personal growth.

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Backseat Rider

Every year I forget how awesome it is to get on my bike… until spring rolls around and when you see that first bike on the road, your hands begin to sweat and all you can think of is what you need to do to get that beast on the road! [Click for Back Seat Rider VIDEO or my 99 Problems Bike Video

My 2010 KLR 650 My 2010 KLR 650

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Strong Women Inspire Strong Women

 One of the biggest things I’ve learned about my 5 month dream job as a Woods Canada Explorer is that inspiration is cyclical. I’ve spent most of my life surrounding myself with amazing friends and supportive family and everyone’s always been excited by my accomplishments and adventures but it wasn’t until recently that I finally understood what it meant to inspire someone.


Bouldering Yamnuska

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Adventure Withdrawal: The Four Phases

It’s 6am and I reach to my right where Adam should be sleeping. Empty. I roll over and instead of the squeak of my air mattress below my body I feel an expansive pillow top mattress that seems to have no edge. Which ever direction I roll… I am still on top of this thing. I reach to find the zipper to get out of my mummy sleeping bag and discover – oh I just need to flip the covers. [Video of todays’ adventure: YouTube ]

View of Yamnuska in the Fall

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There and back again. The next chapter of a Woods Canada Explorer

Woods Dream Job

My journey of a lifetime travelling across Canada on the historic Trans Canada Trail has come to a close, but with its conclusion begins a different sort of adventure for me…


Woods Explorer: Magee Walker, Cedric Schell, Adam Kochanek, Melba Seto

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