Melba’s 10 Second Baby Carrier

(Depending on your knot tying skills…) I’ve had a lot of comments and questions about where “I got” my baby carrier… the truth is, I made it myself using a couple of baby blankets. A couple months ago I found myself in a bind because I left my homemade baby wrap in the car so applying my first aid sling making skills I tied a triangular and made it into a quick carrier.

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The Naked Me. Bean there, done that.


Then. Now. And Later.

I spend many moments in my life reflecting on where I am now, where I was before and where I want to be – later. And one of this moments happened while I was standing on a box, lit by spot lights, surrounded by 4 canvasses, and 4 students – naked.

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DH in HD

The dental hygiene profession is beginning to transform and take a whole new life of it’s own.  Gone is the perception that you HAVE to have the same hygienist and that you cannot choose who to see. A new wave of awareness and autonomy for people is erupting and I’m excited to be a part of this change.

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