Adventures with AdamsMom: Episode 2 “Lake Louise jest bardzo piękny!”

A Week In Calgary with A Polish Mom.

The same day we hiked Johnston Canyon and Pilot Pond, we decided to also check out Lake Louise. Since AdamsMom only had one week to visit us, we obviously wanted to take her out on as many epic adventures as possible.

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Adventures of AdamsMom. Episode 1: “I Love This!”

A Week In Calgary In the Eye of a Polish Mom

I find more and more we see the young outrunning, outplaying and downright outliving the old. Our NorthAmerican sedentary ways are like a slow death filled with increased cases of high cholesterol, diabetes and heartattacks. With AdamsMom, this is not the case.

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Save Your Head Wear A Smith Helmet 

 It’s been a crazy year and I’ve seen to have forgotten how much I miss the snow. It’s always such an intense realization when you finally start packing all your gear. Pulling out the long johns and the mittens and digging around for the helmet.  Waking up at 6am it all starts to sink in. We’re going to play in the snow.

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