Discover Your Inner Dragon.

A couple weeks ago my little Russian Blue arrived and entered my life. His name is Dragon.

I feel like his journey to embracing the outdoors can be empathized by nearly everyone. It’s about challenging yourself to brave new things and discover the Dragon within you.

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Adventures of AdamsMom. Episode 1: “I Love This!”

A Week In Calgary In the Eye of a Polish Mom

I find more and more we see the young outrunning, outplaying and downright outliving the old. Our NorthAmerican sedentary ways are like a slow death filled with increased cases of high cholesterol, diabetes and heartattacks. With AdamsMom, this is not the case.

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The Outdoor Me.

It’s interesting when we realize that there are more than one distinct aspects to ourselves. I believe in leading by example and embracing life with as much passion and intent as possible. I am divided. There’s the indoor me. Then there’s the outdoor me.


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