Seto Pottery

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“From my hands, to your home.” M.Seto

SetoPottery. It started with a passion to create things and share things and grow. From something as simple as sitting down to a nice cup of tea with a friend or a loved one and then picking the one mug you always gravitate to.

You know the mug.

The one with the little ripple or the unique colour, maybe it has a goofy shape. Maybe it’s the one with the chip or a perfect grip seemingly made to fit your hand.

We’ve all had that favourite cup that we used again and again, the one where we somewhat become unsettled when someone else uses it! From this, SetoPottery wanted to create and share these special pieces with you so that you can have that special memory or perhaps give that special memory to someone else. That is why… everything made is genuinely from MY hands to Your home.


Melba Seto