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Gourmet meals in quicktime.

Due to many circumstances in my life I have learned to complete tasks very efficiently. All my meals usually only take as long as the item that needs the longest to cook. People always say cooking is a science, and I definitely agree. I also know it’s about timing and using all your senses so that everything can come together at the perfect time to create the perfect meal.  For me… that’s the “love” people taste when they eat my meals.

I think people are always blown away by my meals mostly because they don’t expect something so delicious and rich can be made in such a short time. THAT is the love. THAT is the magic of my cooking.

The love is the timing and preparation of my meals so that any one of my friends and family can have a gourmet meal in the time it would take most people to get in their cars drive, order and receive their fast food meal.

I hope you’ll put a little of Melba’s Kitchen in your cooking.




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