Easy Way to Potty Train: Growing with Basia.

Basia’s (Baa-Sha) first toilet poop! Toilet training before a Human can speak. A lot of people are skeptics and don’t think it can be done, but I’ve seen it, I believe in it, and I’m not afraid to putting in the time to try.

I know it’s a lonely road and already I’ve faced a lot of negative attitudes from people, to the point that I don’t even tell people that I plan to potty train Basia at an early age. In most countries, children are potty trained before the age of two, in fact usually closer to the age of one. . In North America because we rely on these magically high absorbency diapers children reach the ages of sometimes 5 years before they are toilet trained.

When I lived in Vancouver 13 years ago I met this amazing couple (both university professors) and with my very own eyes I witnessed their 3month old baby urinate on cue over a little port a potty. I was sold. From that day on I could not imagine any other way!

How To Start

This is a learning experience for me as well but it seems pretty intuitive to me. For those that understand the principles of Pavlov’s Dog then really this should be pretty straight forward!

Essentially what I’m doing is applying the same ideas of simple behavioral conditioning. I mean how many of us have experienced the increased urge to pee even just thinking of a toilet or seeing a toilet when our bladders are full? Even myself, after holding my bladder for hours sometimes, only to pee myself just as I see the toilet, it’s because my brain has been conditioned to associate peeing with the visual cue of the toilet.

With Basia, I’ve started to take her to the bathroom before I change her diaper, sometimes after breastfeeding and sometimes when I have to go myself. In the beginning it’s difficult to do this every time but I just do my best and provide her with as many “potty opportunities,” as I can. Encouraging my spouse Adam to do the same. We usually try for 2-3 minutes and if nothing comes out then we package her back up and try again later! However more often than not Basia will make go pee/poo.

Listen and Watch

Another thing is to spend some time watching your little one. It won’t take long when you’ll be able to tell when they need to go pee/poo. Maybe it’s a face they make or how they wiggle. When you start to notice these physical cues start taking them to the toilet and giving them a minute or two to try and go.

Audio Cues

I spoke of visual cues when dealing with behavioral conditioning, but since Basia is just a two week old infant, her visual range hasn’t quite developed yet so I rely on developing her auditory cues.

Whenever we go to the bathroom I start by making “hmmm” sounds for pooping and “pshshshsh” for peeing and I insert a little “go pee/poo,” intermittently. (That’s the sound cue we use to toilet train our cat, Dragon) Follow @HowToTrainMyDragon on instagram to see my cat use the potty!

When Basia starts to go pee I emphasize the “pshshshsh” louder and more clearly and commend her with a “good girl!” And the same with if she poops but with “hmmmm.

How To Hold Them

I’ve tried various ways of supporting Basia while she potty’s and since she’s still really little and needs head support I make sure her head is leaned against my chest and she’s slightly tilted back. I find encircling my fingers around her thighs and using my plans and thumbs to support her back work the best.

Depending on what I’m doing I’ll either squat on the bathroom floor, sit on the toilet with her between my legs facing the back or sometimes facing the front. I find sitting on the toilet with her is the easiest and best ergonomically.

When To Start?

Honestly whenever you feel you’re ready to commit to trying. Some people start at 1year some at birth. Go at your own pace but be consistent. If you only want to do it once a day then make sure you did it once a day. If you want to take your little one to the toilet between every feeding, diaper change and fart then make sure you don’t skip a whole bunch of days and go hard at it again. I make it a goal to take her 3x a day and I find that’s reasonable for us.

Whatever you decide, it starts with taking that first step and just trying… let me know how it goes! And follow us on Instagram @Melba_seto for current updates and Facebook http://www.MelbasToast.com!

Imagine the possibilities of being diaper free?! And being able to communicate and read your child. Being able to be sensitive enough to your child’s needs in something as basic as peeing and pooping… leads to being able to better read them when they are sad, happy, angry, and frustrated and thus being better equipped to address their emotions. I mean if I can toilet train a cat then I’m sure I can toilet train a baby or at least give it a good go.

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New Years Resolutions Don’t Work. 

First off Happy 2017 to all you amazing humans! Let’s spend another year doing stuff and things together.

Now for those of you getting over the Holiday Hangover and hoping to kick start the new year with all your “resolutions” and new changes, let me say this. New Years Resolutions don’t work. 

Perhaps for the mighty few, keeping these private promises actually result in success, but for most of us they never work. 

Instead of making a list of resolutions, this is what I do. I have a list of things I want to do in life

A bucket list some may say. This list isn’t confined to 2017 and it constantly has new things added to it. It also constantly has things crossed off of it. 

I’m going to show you the secret of how I manifest my destiny and how I challenge myself to grow.  In 3 super duper simple steps. 

1. Put it on the List. 

When something comes up and you want to achieve it put it on the list right away.

E.g. Quitting smoking. Lose weight. 

2. Make reasonable benchmark goals.

Most people want short cuts so they make extreme goals,  like “lose thirty pounds in a month or “quit smoking cold turkey,” or “run everyday.” 

The problem with making New Years resolutions is that it suddenly only gives you one year to get there which really isn’t that long. So instead, treat it as a bucket list and make it a lifestyle change, rather than a “get rich quick,” kinda thing. 

This step is crucial so keep checking with yourself and recalibrating! For example with quitting smoking. Instead of telling yourself you want to quit smoking, start telling yourself that you will smoke one cigarette less a day. 

If you’re trying to lose weight, STOP telling yourself your trying to lose weight by trying to measure a lb/ kg value. Instead put away the scale… and every day just make ONE healthier choice. This is a lifestyle change. 

Trust me if you can change how you perceive these bucket list goals you will reach them faster.

3. Start Today. Day by Day. 

It doesn’t matter if it’s January 1st or June 19th. The day you put that thing on your list you have to start today. 

You also need to stop telling yourself “in three weeks I want to be done.” You need to instead make choices day by day, minute by minute. 

Achieving goals starts in the present not pining for the future. If you focus on the present these goals will manifest. The only time you look to the future in achieving these goals is in Step One when you add it to the list. 

Don’t look back and sulk on your failures. Don’t look forward and count down to how many days you have left to get this thing done. Look to now and ask yourself “am I going to do ONE sit up now?” “Am I going to smoke THIS cigarette now?” 

“Can I do this ONE thing NOW?”

The choice is simple. Yes or no. 

Now that moment is over. When the next one comes. Repeat. Ask yourself one question about doing ONE thing, and then you either say yes to it or no. 

I’m off now. My thing on my list today is 

1. Do a free handstand push up. 

My benchmark goal today is:

2. Do chest to wall push up and stretch.

3. “Am I going to do a chest to wall push up now and stretch?” YES.

You Kan Do It. 

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I am going to share with you the secrets on how to take the first steps to doing things you never thought you could.

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Melbas31 Snap Shirt Selfies.

A callback: a joke that refers back to another joke performed

earlier in the show; often presented in a different context.

Snap Shirt: A shirt with snap on buttons. Very often coming in plaid.

My love for snap shirts has always been something of a thing in my life.  When I first moved to Wood Buffalo, it wasn’t long until people knew me for my insatiable and compulsory need to snap, Snap Shirts.

I’ve essentially been building this joke  in my community – this  callback – for the past 4 years.


In 2014, Chris and Jonathan Bowers quickly learned of my love for snap shirts. The three of us had been casted in Les Miserable at Keyano Theatre and we barely even knew each other. Correction. We actually didn’t know each other at all. Then one day Jon shows up in one of the earlier rehearsals and lo and behold, the man is donning a Snap Shirt.  Before I could control myself, my hands propelled themselves forward and in one motion *snap *snap *snap. Every single one snapped open.


From then on, John and Chris would wear Snap Shirts for me. Not all the time… just as a treat. My goal for Snap Shirts is to always try unsnap all the snaps in one motion. To succeed in this, means you are a true snap shirt ninja.

One day, Chris and Jon came into rehearsals wearing their plaid shirts and chatting with each other in the hallway.

This was the unicorn of all snap shirts. The Ultimate Double Snap. To become a true Snap Shirt Master, I was to – unbeknownst to them – swoop in and get both shirts in one movement.

I grounded my feet. Took a low stance, not unlike that of a ferocious mountain lion getting ready to pounce it’s prey, and I began to run. I ran with the grace of a tiger , the speed of a leopard and the stealth of a wolverine. As I drew between them, their backs facing me, I aimed high and near the collar and with the skill of a marksman I ran my hands down from top to bottom. *snap *snap *snap *snap  *snap *snap. I maintained momentum and disappeared around the corner.

Simultaneously, I had succeeded in the Ultimate Double Snap.

Or had I? As I wheeled around the corner there was also a new sound ringing behind me. Something felt different in one of those shirts. Something wasn’t quite right. *click *click *click *click.

It was the sound of plastic.


Ultimately, Chris had in fact, NOT been wearing a snap shirt.

I just ripped off all the buttons of his shirt.

My screams of glee and triumph instantly changed to a look of horror and shame.

Chris was so mad.

I sheepishly returned to him, picking up each shameful button one by one, and told him I’d sew them back on for him immediately.

Since then, it has been an ongoing joke in the community and friends now wear Snap Shirts just for my own personal pleasure!

I have not since reattempted the Ultimate Double Snap. The opportunity has never come up since. It truly is the unicorn of Snap Shirts.

And so, its been nearly 3 years since that incident and Chris and I are obviously still friends, and he still wears his Snap Shirts for me. In fact he’s wearing one in our debut of stage production of #Surething. Just for me :).


Lastly, I wanted to share with you all this. For my 31st birthday, I asked for one thing from my friends. A #snapshirt #selfie.

Because whatever Melba wants. Melba gets.

Check out Chris’s Blog at CJBuzz.com

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