Stettler to Drumheller: Paddling the Red Deer River.

It feels as though it’s been ages since our last canoe trip. Since we’ve met, Adam and I have made it a tradition to do at least one paddling trip a year. Last year with over 30 days paddling, during the Woods Canada Cross Canada Journey, I feel as though I’ve short changed myself this year.  Continue reading

You Kan Do It. 

Paddling the Kananaskis is not something you wake up one day and think “yeah I’m going to do that.” Then again there’s a hundred other things that I once also felt the same way about.

I am going to share with you the secrets on how to take the first steps to doing things you never thought you could.

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How to Farm Awesome. 

Lately I’ve been incredibly elated knowing that my circle of people are so amazing. I have the best people in my life. People that give it their all and constantly challenge themselves to grow.

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The Importance of “Yes” Friends

You are the sum of all your friends.

I was told once by a friend, that you are the SUM of all your friends. It took me a while to grasp the depth of this comment but the more I reflected on my life, the more I began to understand. Your friends, (and the people that you surround yourself with), add and contribute to who you are. To put it simply, if you surround yourself with those who constantly TALK about doing things and constantly complain about their lot in life, then over time, so will you.

[For videos of this adventure scroll to the bottom of  the post.]

Friends that say YES together, grow together.