The Hatchelorette Day 4: Secret Hotsprings and Reflection Time.

My Hatchelorette road trip was designed with the intent to take some time for myself before my first Little Human arrived. I’m 8months pregnant, and I know that this will be the last time I get to travel by myself Continue reading

The Hatchelorette Day 3: Lesson 3 Take the Road Less Travelled.

Lesson 3: Take the Road Less Travelled

One of the most challenging things in life is experiencing disappointment. Often times we are faced with unforeseen obstacles, roadblocks and things that don’t quite go as planned.

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Adventures with AdamsMom: Episode 2 “Lake Louise jest bardzo piękny!”

A Week In Calgary with A Polish Mom.

The same day we hiked Johnston Canyon and Pilot Pond, we decided to also check out Lake Louise. Since AdamsMom only had one week to visit us, we obviously wanted to take her out on as many epic adventures as possible.

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No Scrub. No Pigeon.

Those of you born in the 80’s probably remember the 1999 hit No Scrub by TLC, and some of you from that same era may remember the retaliation by Sporty Thieves call No Pigeon.

While my post really has nothing really to do with either one of those songs, I have been drawn to recall upon those songs as we have pigeons nesting on our balcony!

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