Homemade Cat Toys: Floss Shaker

Dragon is my first and only kitty. My goal is to teach him that courage and curiosity is essential to growth and braving the outdoors. 

I also believe in making a lot of my own things so check in every once and a while for ideas on how to make cat toys! And feel free to let me know what you think and what your kitty thinks! 

The Floss Shaker

1. Find an empty floss container. Shoutout to GUM SunStar for their floss today! (Removed the spool from inside.) 

2. Open the floss container and fill it with a few grains of rice. (Not too many or else it won’t rattler.) 

3. Cut a desired length of yarn. Tie a couple knots at one end.

4. Insert the knotted end of the yarn into the floss container. Snap it shut and easy peezy! A new toy! 

If you want to make it the delux edition, slip a little catnip in there!

Let me know how it goes! Feel free to post your cat toy photos on my Facebook page @MelbasToast.com

How To Train My Dragon. Lesson 2 Pet & Praise

I have never owned a cat before and this is my first kitten.  My goal to teach Dragon to be ready to embrace the outdoors and come on adventures with us when he’s bigger and to be socialable.

Due to the nature of Russian Blues, they are known to be friendly, playful and loving so hopefully this takes away most of the hard work.

I’ve been pretty much been consistent three basic behavioral actions. All of which occur in conjunction with one another.

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