Like most people, there’s many layers that make up the sum of who I am. I have a profession, hobbies, passions, unique skills and dreams. Ultimately my background ranges vastly so here’s the tip of the iceberg.

Dreams: I wish to build myself a self sustaining environmentally sound home where I can grow my own food and build my own things.

Hobbies: I enjoy, reading, mixed media arts, knitting, board games and team sports.

Passions: Everything I do is so I can ultimately support these particular passions; climbing, pottery, theatre, and culinary arts.

My sub-passions include: paddling, snowboarding, skiing and all outdoor activities.

Unique skills: Scuba diver, motorcyclist, ski patroller, bushcraft, pole fitness, guitar, Macguyering things, RCACS alumni, leadership and survival skills.


Seto Pottery – Waterfall bowls

Professions: Woods Canada ambassador, marketings and brand consultation, OK BYE Studios videography, dental hygiene, lifeguarding, pottery.

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    • Aw that’s makes me so happy to read your comment! I just started and it’s all so new and confusing and exciting all at once! Thank you so much for that, truly.

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