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I always look back to when my home room, science and outdoor teacher told us of how she took her 8 month olds canoeing. I remembering that story so well and always dreamed it would be my family.

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This will be our youngests’ second day on the canoe, the first time was actually a 4 hours trip from Bowfalls to Canmore and he travelled in a Rubbermaid bin and couldn’t sit up yet… needless to say he did not enjoy it very much.

This time was different… he’s been walking and climbing now for a few months and confident in his toddler ways and developed a fondness for all things water!

We decided to pack up the kids for a short “test” paddle to get them seasoned for the paddling days ahead.

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Adam and I are like old well oiled machines when it comes to getting ready for Advntures. Stuff gets done efficiently and one is always compliment the other with a task so that nothing is left wanting.

It didn’t take us long to load, unload and gear up.

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All the little humans wanted to do was play in the frigid water. I had him between my legs in the bow and he was eager to watch the water sweep by. He spent most of the time holding the paddle! I think we have a future paddler in our midst!

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My daughter is a seasoned paddler with hours of experience in a canoe. She usually sits in front of the yolk and shares my bench as a makeshift table for snacks and resting.

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After our little paddle to took some time to enjoy the coming of spring and took a hike along the river paths. Exploring the trails and trees and teaching our little humans how to forage is so rewarding.

To be able to share the things we love with the people we love is a very fortunate thing we try not to take for granted.

A Tribute to the Photographer.

We all know the value of photos when it comes to preserving our experiences and memories. That’s why it was so important to us to find a photographer that shared our values to capture our family at this beautiful stage.

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We want to thank Sean Kibyuk Studio for capturing these amazing moments and being won wonderful to work with. Sean and his team are well versed in family life and taking adventure photography! Being an avid outdoor enthusiast himself, Sean understands how to adapt his equipment to the situation and not only that, but he has the physical ability to take photos while navigating our rugged Canadian Rocky terrain!

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He understands the limitations of travelling with small humans and works efficiently to capture the moments in a short window of opportunity!

So if you’re in the Calgary area and in search of a photographer that specializes in adventure and outdoor family photography I urge you to seek him out!


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