Along River Ridge: Calgary’s Top Adventure Family Staycation Destination!

We had the opportunity to experience a local gem Along River Ridge Bed & Breakfast . A family owned riverside bed and breakfast, this was the perfect weekend family getaway.

Located along the beautiful and world renowned Bow River between the communities of Bowness and Montgomery, this cozy bed and breakfast was the perfect local getaway for our outdoor adventures.

With quick access to the river and a direct drive to the Rockies, this was the ideal hub to start and end our days.

Upon arriving you enter into a private driveway filled with warm and welcoming personal touches of plants and things that remind you of the ideal cottage life.

Our Little humans were wide with excitement as they seemingly entered a wonderland of new things from far off places.

Cozy seating areas are mindfully nestled for the perfect tea time setting or a quiet board game next to the koi pond.

I love bed and breakfasts because it the personal touches and Along The River Ridge was not lacking in the slightest. Upon entering our unit, we found a beautiful assortment of books, board games, teas and coffees. The perfect combination to encourage quiet down time after our day time explorations.

The rooms were incredible, vaulted ceilings and skylights bringing in natural light from all corners. I love the small touches of books and decor carefully placed throughout the rooms to give you a sense of grounding.

Our favourite aspect were the jacuzzis, they offered a chance to enjoy a hot soak after a day of paddling on the river while comfortable enough to fit the whole family.

My little humans couldn’t get enough of the varied steps and seating, you would have thought we were in a water park with how much joy they got from diving for random objects and floating.

We had two large suites, each with separate jacuzzis, showers, entertainment setup and fireplaces. I don’t know how they do it but somehow we all look good from every angle !

After settling in, I was able to prepare a precooked meal in their dining area. I made local handmade perogies by Aaron Perogies, paired with fresh green onions from my garden, bacon and caramelizas onions.

I love that there is an abundance of comfortable seating areas and loungers throughout the entire suite. A chaise lounge which made for a perfect toddler bed for our 3 years old while our 12m old shared her room in his packable crib.

While the family enjoyed some downtime together I headed off to the river view in the back to stretch, enjoy the sunset and find some peace for myself.

I grabbed one of the many outdoor blankets that were provided to give myself a nice place to mediate and relax.

The setting is just unreal for experiencing the Bow River. The beautiful red muskoka chairs , begging you to sink your soul in them.

You can hear the river sweep by you as you watch the endless clouds shift above. You forget you’re in the city completely. Time flies by just sitting and listening and watching the beautiful scenery.

Next time you’re thinking of a Staycation… check out Along River Ridge Bed & Breakfast .

Check our this video of an insider view of Along River Ridge Bed & Breakfast

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