How to Room Share Children

Introducing room sharing! ❤️👶🏻👧🏼

It’s been 3 days since we started putting the Little Human in with the Big Human and it’s going better than imagined!

I’m constantly hearing the voices of people saying things aren’t possible and how difficult they will be. In a way I guess it prepares me for the worst case scenario but I find often times it inhibits others from trying something because “everyone” has been telling them it’s hard or not possible.

That’s why I do my best to tell people “you can do it!” “It takes work but totally doable!” “You got this!”

So amidst all the swirling voices of the world I told myself it’s time to test out the room sharing and see how it goes.

How did I prepare?

Since as long as we knew I was pregnant with baby 2 I always referred to things and rooms as “theirs.” I spent and currently spend a lot of time making sure my daily words and intentions show that it is and always has been a shared space.

This language applies to her clothes, her crib and bed and blankets. I always say “this is both yours and his,” “when he gets older and bigger it will be his,”

That’s why 2 years later… it’s not strange for my daughter to see her brother move in. I’ve been telling my big human that her brother will be sleeping in the same room for a long time now and I’ve spent months transitioning her from her crib to her bunk with this intention.

It’s been 3 days of night time sleeps and naps and everything is pretty much the same as it was before.

At naps times Little human either goes down right away or cries for 5-30 minutes and Big human gets herself to bed, turns on her white noise fan, goes pee, shuts the door and tucks herself in. (Sometimes she’ll give me the honour of doing this but last few months it’s all her.) She does this through the screaming and crying and they both nap together for 2-3hrs.

Night time he goes down first- same thing either right away or takes 5-30min. We get her ready for bed with oatmeal and a book and brushing. By the time she goes to bed her brother is already asleep.

The most worrisome thing for me was the 5am feeding… I was dreading this transition of him waking her up at 5am and everyone being up at 5am! However so far so good (thought I’m ready for worst case scenarios). He wakes up crying at 5am – I nurse him and put him down as per usual and she’s still sleeping.

I believe a lot of it has to do with them spending so much time together, the language we use to explain things and how we make crying and nap times a normal thing so she’s always been used to him crying and it’s become second nature to her. Now she doesn’t really even hear it!

I’ve always wanted my future humans to share a room when they were little. It’s something that I found very crucial when studying relationships and cultures over the decades.

Families and children that shared rooms were always closer, more appreciative of time spent together versus things, they were less attached to objects and material things, and they were more creative. Amongst many other qualities, theses were some of the things that I wanted to impart on my own humans.

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  1. Great job. So very proud of you. You have amazing kids. You taught them well.GumaSent from my Galaxy

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