Pregnancy Pilgrimage: Hatchelorette Season 2, part 3. Naked.

People are often terrified at the though of being naked. Something about sharing such an intimate and private part of yourself, that often times those same people automatically think it must apply to everyone.

It’s not the case. For myself, over the years I’ve edited much humiliation and hurt from words and actions of others that I have learned the best way to protect myself from those things is to lay everything out in the open. If everyone has seen me at my most vulnerable then there’s really nothing to hold against me. Gossipers can try whisper “did you see Melba’s butt?” And everyone that knows me can say “yeah no biggie? Haven’t you?”

The more weight and shame you put on hiding your secret bits and pieces the more power people have to make you feel small and insignificant. Once you can own your awesomeness there’s only beauty and wonder and freedom to be had to be yourself. (Read my reflections as a nude model in The Naked me, Bean There Done That . )

I have no secrets including the body bits. What people can’t make up they can’t use as ammunition to hurt you. Being naked has always been very natural to me and also being open with my life.

Now I am fortunate enough to find a life partner that shares this with me. A man with no secrets and no body shame. Of course we both have our hang ups about what could be “improved,” in regards to our physique but in general we are pretty much happy to be naked whenever possible.

Get Emotionally Naked!

When you can challenge yourself to put yourself in a vulnerable place, you can really embrace the strength that will result from that action.

Tell people you love them, compliment people on their actions, not their adornments and be transparent with those around you.

Be naked in your actions.

I have found in doing this, it became easier to filter out true relationships and have people genuinely love and like me as I am.

If I’m tired or crotchety, I won’t mask it with a false smile, I’ll let you know I’m tired and offer you a drink and head to bed. My confident (emotionally “naked” ) friends are never phased and stick around. They don’t think twice about it, whereas the superficial people (emotionally “clothed”) with hang ups tend to get offended, start questioning if they did something wrong spiral into emotional doubt and chaos… . These people don’t stay in my life for long, I don’t have time for that.

On the flip side, when it’s go time and you’re a part of my love circle, I’ll be the one to pull you out or the fire, feed you clothe you and get you back to health. I’ve always said “the love of a Melba is a powerful thing.” Those within my little circle, I would move mountains for.

In conclusion, what I’m saying is, you don’t have to “get naked” literally and physically, but get naked with your intentions and actions. Meaning be transparent, be forthcoming with your feelings (with some reasonable tact), and live in the moment of your emotions. The less we hide behind fake smiles and superficial words the easier it is to build genuine relationships with yourself and others.

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