5 Reasons to Own a WestCoastSewing Baby Sling!

With all my adventures and hobbies I often find ways to make my life as efficient and practical as possible. In my social circles I’m slowly becoming known as the “No Fuss Practical Mom.”

I was recently asked by WestCoastSewing to try out their baby sling and over this past week of testing it out these are my thoughts.

Freaking awesome. Many of you know I often come up with on the fly ways to carry my baby more ergonomically like my Melba’s 10 Second Baby Carrier but I found as Basia got bigger and heavier, it just was t cutting it anymore. Now that she’s hitting the stage where she’s too big to be carried in her baby seat, I’ve been just holding her in my arms.

Needless to say it hasn’t been very practical or ergonomic to be carrying her in my arms as I run errands or need my hands free but have a baby to shuttle around.

I’ve been using the Call Of the Mountains Reversible Emerald Sling and so many of those inconveniences have alleviated themselves. Here are the major benefits I discovered thus far:

1.Practical : Just the way I like my stuff – practical. All moms hit that point where they need to carry their baby but somehow also need to grab groceries or vacuum the house or belay their buddy in the gym. Well this quick fix solves most of those short term issues. You probably won’t be hiking with your baby in this sling but for short term help in giving you some hands free time while literally “taking the load off,” baby slings are the away to you.

2. Safety Tested: With a background in EMS and lifeguarding, not to mention all the climbing and paddling I do, everyone knows I’m big on safety. The WestCoastSewing baby slings are safety rated for 200lb. So I guess if I’m every in a pinch for a climbing sling I know my baby sling will work in a pinch!

3. Convenient: It packs small and only takes maybe 10 seconds to get your baby in and out of. Which is ideal when loading or unload the car. It’s basically the size of a scarf, which I find I can pack it into a pocket or my backpack quickly or it wears beautifully as well – a scarf !

4. Pretty Prints: I’m not going to lie, I’m a sucker for mountain or nature prints. You basically put a tree, animal, or mountain on anything and I’m hard pressed to say no. Baby daddy’s look good wearing them too!

5. Local: This is a big reason for me when it comes to supporting a product. Is it a small business? Is it local? Being an artist myself I know how important it is to support your local economy and Liz the owner and designer of this sling is just that! Not only does she have a passion for the outdoors but she’s a part of an amazing network of local moms in Alberta.

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