Mums Gone Climbing Film Project.

I was recently involved in an amazing mini documentary project called Mums Gone Climbing Film . It features climbing women from all over the world and their journey with climbing from a mother’s perspective.

This project made me realize so much of the challenges I faced as a climbing mom aren’t solely my own. I am not alone and there is a whole community out there that endure the same struggles.

One of the biggest aspects that has made climbing hard for me, is that no one seems to want to climb with me anymore. Climbing at the level I want to climb I’m either too intimidating for those not at that level or I’m not strong enough to climb with those above me. My climbing partners from before either don’t have children and still climb hard or they do have children and climbing is no longer something they can fit into their lives.

It’s been a little lonely. I just have to accept the situation for what is it and continue to pursue my way of life in hopes of meeting others with the same goals.

The other thing I’ve realized is how other people perceive climbing moms. Being a part of this documentary I started to see how women felt in their communities. The loss of strength, willingness to take risks both of these things are viewed as negative in the eyes of those without children. Then one climbing mom commented on how… she just gave birth. Your body transitions and endured essentially a massive trauma. Physically and emotionally.

We have responsibility to mitigate now, the responsibly for another life, a human, a future climber. Fear. Where there once was a different type of fear, there now exists a fear for those we are accountable for.

We aren’t just mums that climb. We are women bearing the strength for ourselves and another human. This project really helped me feel like there are others out there like me, that I can’t give up. I just need to find my place in this new climbing mom world.

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