Fisher Price Perfect Potty Ring Review.

I’ve been toilet training my Little Human since week 2 of birth, so when I found the Fisher Price Perfect Potty Ring I instantly fell in love. I toilet train directly on the toilet since the beginning and it’s really saved me from having to clean out other types of toilet training containers.

I’ve been concerned that if I started Basia on Portable Potty trainers (like the ones that sit on the floor) then I would have to train her again to transition back the toilet once she starts walking. This was the perfect transition option for my Little Human without having to change the learning process too dramatically.

3 Top Features

1. Great for smaller babies or children.

For those who are getting a head start on potty training it’s very difficult to find a transitional toilet training device that is safe and doesn’t have your child falling through. I started toilet training my Little Human at 2 weeks old and I’ve been sitting on the toilet with her during potty sessions. Now she’s getting bigger and stronger, when I sit facing the back of the toilet I find she kicks me right off the seat sometimes, when I face front she doesn’t quite fit between my legs anymore.

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2. Wing Handles.

It has handles for the littler person to hold onto which is a great security feature. Since my Little Human is still a little wobbly, always make sure I am sitting next to her in case of a sudden topple. However even so, the seat is designed so well that she seems to lounge right in there without the risk of falling in or OUT!

3. Adjustable back rest.

The fact that it even had a BACK REST, was a huge determining factor in why I chose this seat. If you look at pretty much all other toilet trainers there is no backrest option, let alone an adjustable back rest. This was key for me because my Little Human still needs support staying upright and this added feature really addresses my largest concern.

Other Features

It has a silicone ring at the base to create traction and added friction so the seat stays on top of your toilet seat. (Not recommended for padded toilet seats for obvious reasons – as it will not grip.)

It also has automatic clips that clip to the underside of the toilet seat when you slide the potty ring forward and they release when you slide the ring back.

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2 thoughts on “Fisher Price Perfect Potty Ring Review.

  1. I love this seat. It has a high splash guard which is great for boys.
    Any idea how to remove the back rest?

    • Hi Tayyaba! If you look under the seat and follow where the back rest inserts. You will see a triangle clip- push that in as you pull the back rest out! (Both sides) Hope this helps ! Let me know!

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