Melba’s 10 Second Baby Carrier

(Depending on your knot tying skills…) I’ve had a lot of comments and questions about where “I got” my baby carrier… the truth is, I made it myself using a couple of baby blankets. A couple months ago I found myself in a bind because I left my homemade baby wrap in the car so applying my first aid sling making skills I tied a triangular and made it into a quick carrier.

I’ve since modified it a bit using two receiving blankets and when in a pinch for handy ergonomics this trick works great! Plus Baby loves it too! It’s meant for short term wearing, I wouldn’t recommend it for long period as weight distribution on your body isn’t designed for that. However it’s great for when Baby is fussy and wants to be held but you don’t have the time to fiddle with a baby wrap and don’t want to carry baby in one arm while trying to do stuff.

Materials ( 2 receiving blankets, lighter weight ones work best.)

* scroll down for YouTube demo video**

Step 1. Using one of the blankets, fold opposing corners to create a triangle.

Step 2. Tie an overhand knot with the long ends. (How close you tie the knot at the end will take some trial and error depending on the size of the baby). *The closer to the ends the lower the carrier will hang for a bigger baby.

Step 3. Repeat process to other blanket.

Step 4. Sling each blanket over each shoulder with the knot towards your back. (If the knot sits on your shoulder it will soon feel uncomfortable).

Step 5. Tuck the baby’s left arm and left leg UNDER the left shoulder slight. Tuck the baby’s right arm and right left under the RIGHT shoulder sling. The slings should cross over the baby’s crotch. Adjust and widen the blanket around the shoulders and crotch.

That’s it!


Come back soon for more tricks on making parenting life easier!


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