The Hatchelorette: a Pregnant Journey. Lesson 2.

Lesson 2: Be Patient and Value Friendships

I was lucky enough to get to spend the day with Mark and Emma, for some reason they decided a day with a pregnant lady was going to be more fun than skiing.Hatchelorette n. It’s the last hurrah before one gives birth (“hatching day”), happens in the third trimester when the final countdown begins. A journey that celebrates the mother to be as the women she was, is and will be. It must also be a solo adventure in the wild, an adventure than emboldens you and reminds you that your are amazing and capable of anything. – Melba Seto.

It was a stormy, slushee, snowy day which made going to visit Yellowstone National Park the obvious choice. It was a little bit nerve racking driving through some of the Mountain sections with the snow being slushy and icy but I figured my mom instincts would do well enough to keep us alive.

Yellowstone and natural undeveloped hotspring number 1!

We made it to Yellowstone and the skies teased us with a mixture of snow, rain, blue skies and overcasting gloom. Only the northern road of the park was open but I was happy to have made it regardless! Even if it was just for a taste to remind me to return someday with our Baby Daddy, it was going to be awesome. The biggest disappointment was that Boiling River in Yellowstone was supposed to be my first stop on my natural hot springs Hatchelorette tour, and due to the spring melt washing out the trail they closed it temporarily.

Wild Bison.

Mark and Emma promised me bison and whatever Mark and Emma promised you always get. Soon as we entered the Roosevelt Arch we were greeted by boards of wildlife! Antelope and bison galore! Already off to a great start!

Baby steps.

We traversed along the only open road from Mammoth Hotsprings to Tower Roosevelt with a totally trip time of about 3 hours. First stop was Mammoth hot springs. I’m normally pretty sloth like when ascending stairs but I’m definitely feeling the limits of pregnancy now. Good thing Emma is super amazing and was happy to go my turtle pace. One step at a time. We’ve come all this way, might was well get to the top!

It was incredible to see the terraced hotsprings. The formations were unbelievable and it was well worth the trek up the stairs to see it all. Even if it felt like we were in the middle of a Japanese snow storm.

Dragon joined us for this first part but then we were informed (by a really friendly park dude- you could tell he felt bad) that as neat as it was to meet “Dragon the shoulder cat,” we had to leave him the car.

Bye Son!

The next event was the Buffalo convoy that took about 30minutes to bypass. It was pretty amazing to get so up close and personal with wild bison. This was my first time encountering wild bison so yay for firsts. We were actually stuck behind them long enough we named a few of them and could discern their personalities.

Chico Hot Springs

We finished the day off with a dip in the Chico Hot Springs. My second hot spring in my Hatchelorette Hot Spring tour, but alas still not a natural undeveloped one. Then to cap it off a heartwarming birthday chili made by Mark. Apparently they believe in still celebrating my birthday, so I wasn’t about to argue. At the close of the evening we said our goodbyes. Mark and Emma were going to actually ski tomorrow and I had to continue my journey.

In conclusion, I was reminded today of celebrating patience and also reminded of the value of taking the time to conserve and preserve relationships. That all love is hard work and if you value and cherish something you have to make the time and effort to fuel it. Take the time to spend time with your friends and make the time to see them and feed them. Tell them you love them often and remind them what makes them special. And if you get stuck behind a convoy of buffalo, instead of being frustrated turn it around and appreciate how luck you are… that even the most stubborn animals take their time.

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