The Hatchelorette Part 1: Celebrating the Woman Who Was, Is and Will Be.

For as long as humans can remember, there has always been this reoccurring need to find oneself. To seek out our purpose, passion and identity. I have discovered from a young age that for myself the best way to learn and grow is to expose yourself to experiences that require you to solve things independently.

Who I Was. ..

I spent much of my childhood isolated, which resulted in me a developing a strong understanding of what I was capable of. I taught myself how to invent, create, explore and try again. In doing things independently I became patient, enduring and strong.

Don’t get me wrong I have also learned the importance of team work and value of support from those around you. There just needs to be a balance of both aspects in order to grow.

In this next phase of my life I will need new skills and knowledge to bring forth a better human into this world.

Who I am. ..

Lately my soul has been calling me to set another marker in the game of life to kickstart my new chapter and bridge the old me into the new.

… 8months pregnant…

I am 8 months pregnant with a little human and I’m going on a “Hatchelorette.” (I’m pretty sure I’ve coined the term so hopefully people will remember me for that.)

What Is a Hatchelorette?

It’s the last hurrah before one becomes a parent, happens in the third trimester when the final countdown begins. A journey that celebrates the mother to be as the women she was, is and will be. It must also be a solo adventure in the wild, an adventure than emboldens you and reminds you that your are amazing and capable of anything. Shopping and spas do not count.

Where To?

For my Hatchelorette, I’ve decided to take a road trip with Dragon (my toilet-trained- Russian- Blue- adventure- cat) down through Montana, in search of natural, undeveloped hot springs. Over the next week I hope to spend some “me time” enjoying the road and stopping at whatever pleases my heart.

I can’t wait to wake up in unknown landscapes and brew fresh tea or coffee on the back roads of Montana, with my little human and Dragon alongside me. To cook outdoors in the famous Melba style and spend time remembering to always take the time to grow.

Let the Hatchelorette begin.

5 thoughts on “The Hatchelorette Part 1: Celebrating the Woman Who Was, Is and Will Be.

  1. Good luck to you & Dragon on your adventure down South – hopefully it’ll be Spring weather and all melted here in Calgary when you get back! And as driven as you are ( < not a pun, I swear!), please take the time to take it easy and don't push yourself too much! HAVE FUN MELBA!! 🙂

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