The Bob Ross Project

I recently began a journey that will hopefully result in growing an aspect of myself and community we never imagined possible.

What Did You Do?

I began methodically painting Bob Ross paintings. Every few days or so I paint a Bob Ross while following one of his Netflix episodes and I offer an open door policy to any of those that wish to join me.

My facebook album the #BobRossProject states:

I do not know why this began or where it is going, but I do know it has begun and where it will take me can only be good places.

I have always been a lover of painting but only in the past few years I really started spending more time committing to the art. It started in Fort McMurray and it seems every year I double the effort.

It came from a time of loneliness and reflection and it grew into something so much more. I became inspired by my community and became involved in art project I never dreamed of.

Now in this new phase I’ve begun to share my love of painting with those around me and hope to inspire and teach my community the power of healing and growth

that painting can bring.

WHY the Bob Ross Project ?

Only 6 sessions into the project I have already felt a change. People are reaching out to me to bridge the gap between the unknown and known. People that never believed they could create and be artists are suddenly inspired to try something that is universally familiar and yet new. I have always believed that one of the most important aspects of life is to challenge growth. In oneself and in those around you, for it is a cyclical thing and if you can inspire someone to do something they will in turn, re inspire you, and life will then be meaningful.

Thanks to Bob Ross I have been able to provide a platform that gives those around me the confidence to be an artist. We all grew up knowing Bob Ross and his “happy little trees,” and he brings comfort into all our hearts. All I do is provide the necessarily materials, the love and kind words and viola! People are growing all around me!

This was one of the great motivators to begin the Bob Ross Project. To get people to learn something new.

Why Else?

The other element of this project was to motivate myself to paint more regularly and to explore new methods while growing my own artistic style.

I have been dabbling in painting for the past 5-6 years now and I’m only beginning to understand what types of painter I want to be. Though I know I have a long way to go, I am finding this approach to prioritizing my art is very conducive to accelerating my progress.

Now What?

Well I’m only beginning this crazy new thing and there are still lots of Bob Ross Paint Nights in the days to come in “Melba’s Studio,” so ask yourself are you ready to “make some happy little trees?'”

Oh and Fun Thing Bob and I have in Common.

(Though I don’t have a little squirrel like Bob Ross, I have a little chinchilla named Cactus that serves as my painting mascot.)!

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