Explore Albertas Bandlands: Paddling Stettler to Drumheller. 

I’m a firm believer of pushing our boundaries and challenging our friends and family to do the same. No matter the size of the challenge the most important thing is that, we as humans learn new things all the time.

One of my favourite things to do is backcountry paddling trips. This is an opportunity to really escape humans and feel as if you’re completely in the wilderness. It’s also a great opportunity to learn and practice your survival skills.

This is my first time paddling the Red Deer River and this particular section really called to us. Having visited Drumheller with AdamsMom a few months ago, I was really touched by the magic of the Badlands and was completely attracted to the idea of paddling through it.

The Alberta Badlands used to be a sea bed and evidence of the world it used to be is evident in the colourful layers of sedimentary rocks. This is also the Dinosaur capitol of the world. The worlds largest dinosaur graveyard is located right in homeland Alberta!

For the most part the Red Deer river was extremely muddy and water clarity often ceased at a foot below surface. This doesn’t stop us from drinking the river water!

Adam and I travelled in our canoe while Peter paddled along in his kayak. We had split the cooking days between the three of us which resulted in way more food that I have every brought on a trip. I guess I’m not good at planning for less food!  Well time to relax stay tuned for updates!

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