Homemade Cat Toys: The PomPom 

Training Dragon encompasses many aspects, including making cat toys! Ive always been someone that prefers to make things from scratch so next thing you know I came up with a few easy toys.

Simply yarn. 

We all know cats love yarn, so why not use a little imagination and make yarn toys!

This yarn Pom Pom is super easy to make.

1. Take whatever colours of yarn you want and wrap around two or three fingers. The more you coil the thicker the pompom.

2. Leave about 12″ of yarn and cut the ends.

3. Wrap the loose end around the middle of the entire coil. Pull the end above the last coil so it can cinch up on itself.

4. Repeat this a couple times so it stays secure.

5. Now remove slide the scissors under the top finger and try to hook all the loops onto the scissors. And cut. (If you miss some it’s okay you can cut them off later.) Repeat with bottom loop and you have a Pom Pom!

(If you want to make it extra fancy tie a little bell onto the Pom Pom and the kitty will go crazy!)

Please share how your version of this toy went and if your kitty liked it too!! Feel free to post your cat toy photos on my Facebook page @MelbasToast.com

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