How to Toilet Train a Cat. How To Train My Dragon: Lesson 1.

Dragon arrived from Texas at 23:30 on 13 Aug 2016. He was born on June 13 and it seems as though we have waited forever for this moment.

By the time all the paperwork and transfer and pick up was done it was 01:00hrs when I finally had custody of my new baby Dragon.

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The car ride home in the Delica was a little stressful and Dragon mewed and clawed the whole way home.

House Training 

Step 1. Get Ready.

I had everything set up way ahead of time. I made sure his food was the same kind the breeder had been feeding so that after all the change that’s happened at least something felt familiar.

Step 2. Get Comfy.

I brought his crate into the bathroom (which I kittyproofed) and let him get comfortable and explore while I read my book.

Before long he was coming up to me and trying to get my attention.

Step 3. Feeding.

I figured he was hungry by now so I fed him some wet Iams food, that was the same kind the breeder had been feeding him.

At first he wasn’t really interested, so I put a dab on his nose and after kicking it off he realized how hungry he was and started chomping away. He’s a noisy littler eater! Kind of sounds like me when I haven’t eaten in a long time!

Step 4. Potty Training

We really wanted to see if we could toilet train Dragon, so right off the bat we bought a training tray and inset it into the toilet. I placed a Milk crate covered in a towel to act as a step and a temporary scratching post.

Then immediately after he finished eating I placed him in the litter and waited. He climbed out. I picked him back up and place him back in. He climbed out again.

I placed him back in and grabbed his paws and pawed at the litter. Dragon looked a little dumbfounded and sat for a moment.

I helped him paw at the little again and he did the same thing. Then after the third time he started pawing vigourously and walked around in a circle and sat himself on the edge of the trainer.

I kept praising him and then suddenly… The poop face! Dragon was pooping in the toilet litter! Amazing! I even caught his first poop on video!

This is my first time owning a kitten and therefore first time learning how to train my kitten. I am beginning to learn that the trick with this potty training comes down to three P’s: Patience, Persistence, and Praise. Though this is only day one I know there will be set backs and “accidents,” but I’m prepared to stick to my P’s and train my Dragon!

It’s nearly 3am now so off to bed. Until tomorro my little Dragon.

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