Travel Photo Challenge 3/10: Suesca, Colombia. 

I was nominated by Liberate Wings to post one travel photo a day for the next 10 days. Each day I will share a photo and challenge someone else to do the same.
I also decided that though pictures say a thousand words… There’s always something more to the photo so enjoy each of the mini- stories of these photos over the next 10 days!

This photo was taken during a two month climbing trip in South America.

We had decided to spend a week climbing in this little town of Suesca where the entire escarpment of climbs ran parallel to a railway track.

My friends Pete and  Stefan were determined to run the line under the Virgin Mary.

It was a bolted route, but after the first couple bolts it becomes this thing overhanging roof with seams for holds and sometimes not even. I wouldn’t even be able to venture a guess as to what it was rated.

In the end it became somewhere around the guess of a 3 hour aid climb. I’ll have to share those photos in another post because this was probably the funniest day I had on the trip!

Anyways, in short I’ve always liked this photo of Stefan and I because it reminds of me a time where some great laughs were shared and memories that cannot be replaced. Oh Pete. Hahaha.

Travel on my friends.

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