Back to the Mac.

Today is just two days shy of my two month anniversary of leaving Fort McMurray, the morning of the evacuation.

I’ve seen photos and posts from friends that have returned, but nothing prepares you for the unexpected wave of emotion to see the scars the fire left behind.

I mean we have all seen what the aftermath of a burn looks like.

Black. Charred. Partially collapsed buildings and homes reminiscent of a post apocalyptic scene.

This is more than just a scene though. Driving by, we see our friends homes. I see my old stomping grounds.

Places, where I used to sit and read in the grass by the river, are now scorched and covered in ash.

(These two houses were the only two burned in this neighbourhood. Last year I lived one block from these houses. )

The Shell gas station I used to fill up every time I drove out of town is razed to the ground.

Gone. Gone. Gone.

All is not lost though. You can already see new growth piercing through the black ground and people bustling around town buying groceries, talking to neighbors and congregating at local pubs.

The community is resilient and they will grow again. People seem closer than ever, friendlier than ever. I think going through a massive crisis such as the Fort McMurray fire brings everything into perspective.

We are all in the same boat. We all lost something, and we all are getting through it.

I’m packing up my climbing wall and the rest of my things today in Fort McMurray.

I remember all the great things that this town has given me and I intend to continue to give back.

I will continue to make #rememberwoodbuffalo pottery pieces and 50% of the pottery sales will go towards the art community of Wood Buffalo.

If you’re interested in purchasing a piece check out SetoPottery on Facebook and look for the pieces with the Remember Wood Buffalo logo . Then send me a message or visit PaintItUpPotteryStudio and 50% of the sales will go towards rebuilding the art community in Wood Buffalo.

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