The Outdoor Me.

It’s interesting when we realize that there are more than one distinct aspects to ourselves. I believe in leading by example and embracing life with as much passion and intent as possible. I am divided. There’s the indoor me. Then there’s the outdoor me.


I spent many years of my life in confinement. I was not unlike Cinderella or Rapunzel, where I was often shut away into my room. For sometimes days. Weeks. Even months at a time. Only allowed to emerge to cook, clean and go to school.  I didn’t mind though, because within my small room, I was safe, undisturbed  and free to create.

This – I am sure – is why there are two very distinct “seasons” to my personality. I am an introvert by behavioral conditioning. More often than not I prefer to be by myself in solitude, to listen to the sounds around me, and to put on paper (and through other mediums), the going -on’s of my mind. I spend half my time indoors, and half my time outdoors.


Lately as many of my readers know, I have been more an “indoor cat.” Working on pottery, writing, acting, and painting. This is mostly because very soon I will be leaving my art community and it may be a while before I can reintegrate into a new one.


Today, however was different. Today, I needed to go outside.  This is my other half. The two halves of me overlap and intertwine, but only a few of my friends and family know this. Others, either see me as an “outdoor cat” or an “indoor cat,” but as you get to know me you’ll see that I am fully passionate about both.


Since working as an ambassador for the Woods Canada Dream Job, it has been a difficult transition into “normal life.” From spending 70% of my time outdoors to now spending 90% indoors, I feel I have lost balance.  I used to get up every morning and make a fire, and more often than not get to see the sunrise all across the country.  Needless to say, I am suffering from a little withdrawal.  It’s not that I haven’t been outside, it’s simply that I haven’t been outside by myself for as much as I’d like.

Today, regardless of the weather. I was going to play in the Woods.

Lucky for me, it was a brisk -21 degrees Celsius. Yay. Netflix and a bowl of noodles was looking mighty tempting. No. TODAY IS OUTSIDE DAY! It took me very little negotiating because I knew I had been looking forward to checking out to see if my lean- to I had built for my Woods Canada application video, was still alive.

Sad to say, my temporary shelter had been disbanded. All was not lost, as I had a lot of fun discovering what seemed to be a feasting ground for perhaps a wolf. I found remnants of a medium sized animal and traces of a rabbit.

This is where I thought suitable to set up for my lunch.  Seeing that it was pretty freaking cold, I set off to build a fire first. Before anything else. BUILD A FIRE.

Luckily it’s been pretty dry so it started up easily enough and soon my fears of freezing to death, while alone in the bush quickly disappeared. In the past I’ve spent many nights under the stars in the winter, but now sitting on the snow and drinking a hot cup of tea in my broken hand made Seto Pottery mug, I thought. “It’s been a while.”


Today reminded me how much I love winter camping. The smell of the burning wood and sounds of melting snow. I was reminded that I can’t let complacency win all the time. People think I’m always out there, doing stuff. Learning things and being active. The truth is – it is just as hard for me to get off my ass as it is for everyone else. Who are we kidding? Netflix and beer is amazing!

We can all talk about how much we WANT to do something. How much we WISH we could do something. I know I do.


The only difference is, is that that today I said “yes” and I followed through.  On top of that the other amazing thing is, I posted on Facebook to see if anyone wanted a free campfire meal made by you’re very own Melba Seto today, and one person said “yes.”

My friend said yes and she followed through. This is what made my day. I have “Yes, Friends.” And even though it was freaking, bloody freezing. My friend showed up, and we ate the best winter campfire meal ever.

So this is the take- away. Sit on your ass. Be an indoor cat. But next time someone asks you to come play… just say “yes.”




4 thoughts on “The Outdoor Me.

  1. I so much enjoyed reading it. And I admire your perseverance. Nothing would make me go out in minus 21 and cook outside.

  2. I have this same battle. Being a Pisces I am often just like the symbol, 2 fish swimming in a different direction! It’s always nice to know you’re not alone, even though you’re a person that likes to be alone. Thanks so much for sharing this great post! Great to see you back outside! I’m sure nature has been missing you! ❤️

    • Haha yeah like I said I’ve been outside just the art world is dominating my life lately and I’m a few weeks it’s going to come to a dead stop…with the big move and climbing season around the corner!

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