I’m Busy, I’m Arting.

I realized lately that I have been semi present in the online world of things but it’s because I’ve been busy. Arting.


I have been living in the Wood Buffalo (Fort Mcmurray) community for the past 5.5 years and in two months after I perform in the One Act Festival… I will be moving on the next stage of my life.

So in these last two precious months, my goal is to spend as much time with my friends and community – celebrating all the things that have enriched me as an artist in the past half decade.


I have always been an advocator of personal growth. Regardless of whatever pace or level, I believe that the best humans are the ones that constantly challenge themselves to learn and grow.  In this community I have been pushed, challenged, encouraged and supported in so many ways in my passions.

So here’s the day in the life – currently –  of Melba Seto.

07:40 hrs –  I wake up. Seriously ever since Mexico, I’ve been consistently waking up at 07:40hrs every day! Then I usually either hit the pool and swim some laps or head straight to the pottery studio. If I go to the pottery studio, it’s guaranteed I’ll be there for a minimum of 5 hours.


Some days I have appointments to work on interviews for my The REAL Famous series. And lately I’ve inserted into my schedule to make coffee in the morning and in the time I take to make and drink it, I watch #SwitchedAtBirth on Netflix and work on my wood burning piece. (I should call it SwitchedAtBIRCH!!!) Hahaha! See what I did there? Birth. Birch?


Through all of this I also have rehearsals for Sure Thing and shows, events and workshops that my friends are all involved with. And due to the economic downturn, I may get called into work for hygiene appointments intermittently. However, for me, I am grateful for it being slow because it’s giving me so much opportunity to work on the other things that fuel my passion.


There has been so much internal healing and therapy that comes with participating in the arts. You DON’T have to be an artist to art. And if you DO art… you ARE an artist. Just being creative and making something counts.


So I guess my message is, life and work will always keep you busy and you’ll always feel like “I don’t have time, ” but the truth is. You MAKE time. MAKE time to grow and commit to your interests and passions. Paint. Write. Sing. Art. Do the Art.





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