Sure Thing Play By Dave Ives

About a year ago I had auditioned for Cabaret at Keyano Theatre and on Opening Night, the 2016 plays for the Drama series were announced. It was a full house and I remember standing behind the tinsel curtain with the Kitty Kat Klub, when we heard the “Into The Woods,” was going to be on stage the following year. Elizabeth and I locked eyes and hands and our mouths dropped in silent screams of excitement.

From that moment, I waited a year to audition. I spent months and weeks and days coming up with the perfect song and perfect monologue for the part of Little Red Riding Hood. A few days after the auditions and callbacks, my friends and I all waited. Waited to hear who got casted as what. And one by one. Day by day, many of my friends announced their roles. And by the third day my heart sank because – well – you just KNOW.

I am disappointed to say that I didn’t get the part and yes I apologize for getting you all excited BUT there’s a feel good story here somewhere.

It was a hard week coming to the realization that I wasn’t going to be in this years musical. I mean I spent a whole year … waiting. Wanting. The great thing is, in this community… there’s so many new doors and windows opening every day.

Within that same week of me being bummed about my situation and coming to terms with the fact that this was not going to happen for me, my amazing friend Michelle just puts a smile on my face and starts throwing other ideas at me. “The one act plays are auditioning soon… and Fanny and Manny’s Wedding! ” and this and that and so on. And before she even had time to finish cheering me up I got a message in my Facebook inbox.

Screen Shot 2015-12-08 at 1.52.02 PM

Doors and windows opening I tell you. I’ve worked with Jennifer many times before with a bunch of things and I’ve seen her on stage and so needless to say we are friends.  This opportunity really came in at the right time because like I said I was pretty much at the lowest point of self pity from missing out on Into the Woods.  And when I read this message I just couldn’t wait to google the show and read the script!

Then. Not even 2 hours later Jen writes me another message.

Screen Shot 2015-12-08 at 1.52.18 PM

It really touched me to know that I was the person that Jen thought of for this role.  And that she really wanted to work with me. So of course I’m going to give her the whole “HELL YEAH!”

In that instant everything really turned around and I stopped moping about whatever that other show was – see I’ve already forgotten – and now I just want to make Jen proud. It’s her first show as a director and it will be my first show with only a cast of 2.

The really neat thing is… the show is called “Sure Thing,” it’s about timing and I find it to be quite serendipitous…

Stick around for updates on our rehearsals and the mini documentary I’m putting together about the process.



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