Trans Canada Trail Journey with Woods Explorers just released an awesome article about our amazing summer. It seems so surreal. Did it happen? I mean Adam and I have been sharing the same stories for months and weeks and the last couple months we kind of went back to our normal lives. And now, just even tonight seeing my parents for the first time in 8 months and resharing these stories and now this article… It’s beginning to sink it.

It DID happen. We DID travel across Canada and explore areas of Canada we never thought we would. We DID meet amazing people and experienced amazing things along the way. We made lifetime friendships with Cedric and Magee and Canadians from across the board.

One of these days… I’ll start to share with you all the little things that happened and made this journey so epic. But for now… Thank you TCT for giving us a chance to share with the world and fellow Canadians what an culturally importance thing you are. A Heritage trail that unifies Canada. Pretty sweet.

To read the article that TCTrail released about our journey click here : My Canadian Journey

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