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Wild Colour Art By Russell Thomas


I met Russell Thomas about 4 years ago. We were both casted in my first musical HomeTown the Musical, and from there I began my journey of getting to know The REAL Famous Russell Thomas.

Paster Dawn

Russell and I went on to perform on Les Miserables together the following year and between the two shows I’ve shared over 300 hours rehearsing with Russell.  Just enough hours to just see the tip of the iceberg of this man.


There’s so many things that make up a man like Russell. I could probably dedicate an entire blog just writing about him, but he already does that on his own at so I’m going to talk about one particular aspect of Russell – his art.


Besides spending countless hours volunteering in the community of Woods Buffalo, Russell has found his calling as a (if not already) world recognized artist.  He works with United Way during the day and paints in the evenings. He’s like Batman, but instead of making the world a better place via crime fighting and vigilantism his weapon of choice is acrylic and canvas. Russell has two brilliant children and an amazing wife, all of whom share his love for the arts.

The craziest thing of all, Russell only began painting a little over a year ago. From a man that found refuge in sketching mind maps, doodles of  stages, sets and things, he transformed his art into something beyond words.


Humble Beginnings

I remember the first time saw his pieces – my mind was blown.  He was still unsure of where his art form was taking him at the time, but I knew he was going to become something huge. I had asked Russell that maybe if he had time I would love to commission a piece from him, he said he wasn’t selling his pieces at the time and was just painting for himself and charity, but he happily accepted a couple ideas I tossed at him.


From a man that began painting as a form of soul therapy he has become a  household name in and there’s a waiting list of up to a year for a Russell Thomas original! And there’s something really unifying about Russell’s art, so many of my friends and people in this community proudly own a piece of his art. I mean even a couple days ago I was at a friends house staring at a RVThomas original and it made me think, “that’s so cool, I have one too. Russell is literally in our home and our hearts.”


We actually talked about this phenomena during my interview with Russell.  Trust transference is basically like the power of word of mouth. If someone you trust like Russell says “Melba is the awesomest human ever,” without even meeting me you would moved to feel a sense of trust because of Russell.  That’s what his paintings do. They are forms of Trust Transference.


It’s binding. I mean 30 years from now when I see the Bob Dylan or Norm Foster painting by Russell, I’l be reminded of this time I lived in Wood Buffalo, and performed on the main stages of Keyano Theatre. Without knowing it… Russell has created a connection with people that when someone walks into my home and sees Ghandi on my wall it will be nothing short of a secret handshake. A secret handshake that spans war vets, artists, politicians, mothers, children, “famous” people. A handshake that emotes memory and nostalgia and brings people from all walks of life together in the same room.  I mean instantly there’s something forged between two people that own a Russell Thomas painting.

Anyways, I’m off to paint with Russell so stay tuned on that post on that!

To see more of Russell’s pieces he can be found on:

Facebook: Russell Thomas Art

Instagram: RVthomas67

Twitter @RVThomas67



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