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The dental hygiene profession is beginning to transform and take a whole new life of it’s own.  Gone is the perception that you HAVE to have the same hygienist and that you cannot choose who to see. A new wave of awareness and autonomy for people is erupting and I’m excited to be a part of this change.

I mean it’s always been a little secret knowledge that you can request and choose your own hygienist but up until now it’s rarely something people know.

All my friends and the people in my community have learned through the years and through my profession as a hygienist that you can pick who you want and when you want! And not only that, we’re not JUST your hygienist. We are are you friends, neighbours, volunteers and community. We share the same icy roads and use the same crosswalk that never changes from stop to go. We line up at the same Tim Horton’s.

My name is Melba Seto and the last 6 years being a dental hygienist has helped me forge relationships and bonds with my community that now blow my mind! From sharing secrets of the best local eateries or sharing recipes. Or even life changing things! One of my clients came in one day and she revolutionized the way I’ve been using circular knitting needles! I know that sounds silly but seriously… MIND BLOWN! I finished this tuque in half the time!


Anyways, the main point of this post is that we are out there and we are more than just your hygienist. If you like us, ask for us. If you don’t like us, tell us why. And if you want to come just chat about nothing, I’m here for that too.

My name is Melba Seto and I’m not just your hygienist. I’m a part of your community and I care about the things you care about.

Here’s my video submission for the CDHA DH in HD contest:

DH in HD Melba Seto



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