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Camera One to Camera Two

Yesterday, my day was probably like many other Canadians out there. I woke up, completed my morning routine brushing my teeth, using the restroom etc. I scraped the frost off my car while the engine warmed up and I drove to work.

Mic'ed and waiting to be interviewed on Global Morning News

Mic’ed and waiting to be interviewed on Global Morning News

I spent the next 9 hours at River City Dental in Fort Mcmurray, Ab, chatting with my patients and performing my  skills as a dental hygienist.  I managed to fill my belly with some sandwiches one of my patients brought me and stoles sips of my coffee in between.

Then at 16:40hrs. I got into my awesome Subaru Forester and a started the drive to Calgary. This wasn’t just any normal drive like any other. Usually, I stop in Edmonton, take a food break and say hi to my family. This time, I just drove.  Because this time, Adam and I had our final interview with Global Calgary as Woods Explorers. I arrived home around 01:00hrs and Adam was already sleeping. Great 5 hours before I had to get up.

Sitting on the Global Calgary couch.

Sitting on the Global Calgary couch.

I woke up the sound of the shower and looked at my clock 06:38. Time to get up and go. We arrive shortly before 07:20, early enough to score a coffee, complimentary of Global News.

This nice young gentleman- Ashton- mic’ed us up and escorted us to “THE RED COUCH,” not sure what they call it but that’s what I would call it if i worked there. Adam and I sat and watched the Morning news unroll live in front of us. We laughed as we saw clips of the Donald Trump SNL show.

From Nerves to Steel

It gave me a chance to start reflecting.  I remembered 6 months ago when this was all just beginning and Adam and I were interviewing as the top 10 Applicants in the Woods Dream Job. The Calgary Herald, posted one of the first articles about us.  Calgary Couple to Hike Trans Canada Trail .

Calgary Herald The First Media Photo of Us.

Calgary Herald The First Media Photo of Us.

It’s funny because when I look at this photo I remember exactly when it was taken and the emotions that were felt. This was the FIRST time we were on camera and being interviewed.

We were told to stand in the corner. Look at the interviewer not at the camera. Relax. Never as easy as it sounds.

They were asking us personal questions about who were were and what made us unique as a couple, stuff like that. I was holding Adams hand and he was asked to also give his responses in French.   This huge black camera seemed only inches from our faces and the interviewer seems to be asking these questions that just seemed so intimidating.

Adam stuttered a few responses and I could feel both our throats closing and tears forming around the corners of my eyes from the pressure.  I then smiled at the interviewer and said

“Can he move around? Adam needs to move around.”  

The cameraman and interviewer looked at us a little shocked and said “oh yeah.. .of course!”

So Adam jumped around, grabbed the park handrails did some little kick thing and a wiggle, and we were off.

This photo was taken sometime amidst all that.  And it’s really special to me. It’s because in that moment, I remembered that, even though we were there to impress and compete to get this dream job we had to be ourselves and when we were able to reclaim that piece of ourselves, Adam nailed it.

Now look at him.

Sitting on THE RED COUCH with Bindi Suri and just laughing like old friends. I’m so proud of him.

For the recorded segment on this click Cross Canada Explorers Global Calgary

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