Travelling Tips to Joshua Tree

Travelling Tips To Jtree:


1. Sign Up for Express Memberships

I flew into Palms Springs Regional airport and landed roughly around 19:15. I hustled over to the car rental line before it got crazy and picked up my rental at Dollar Rental. Most rental companies if not all have a membership program and they usually give you deals and express pick up. A good idea is to sign up before hand as an express member so you can expedite your vehicle pick up. And I always book online to get the best rates.

Mitsubishi Mirage Dollar Car

Mitsubishi Mirage Dollar Car

2. Get the Car, Then The Luggage

While I’m checking out my Mitsubishi Mirage, the luggage carousel starts to turn and my bags arrive just as a finish signing my life away on the rental conditions. I just saved myself about an hour from waiting for the luggage carousel and then waiting in line for the car rental.

My Metolius crash pad and North Face gear bag

My Metolius crash pad and North Face gear bag

3. Know Where You’re Going

I know this seems like a common sense kind of thing, but whenever I’m travelling I always take a look at the map either on the plane or while I’m waiting at the airport for luggage/ car rentals.  I’m not a big fan of the GPS thing, and I prefer maps myself but I am able to adapt to whatever the situation offers me. Once I get to my car I look at the map again and orientate myself out of the airport.

Map, Gear and Red Stilletoes for climbing in Jtree and cousinsw in Palm Springs

4.  Always Know The Streets Names Before and After

One of the navigational trips I picked up when I was younger was I always make a mental note of the streets before and after the turn/ exit I intend to take. That way you can either anticipate your turn/ exit or at least realize when you’ve gone too far.

Coyote Corner Watering Hole

Coyote Corner Watering Hole

5. Get Water, Groceries and More WATER!

Before you hit the Joshua Tree National Park, you’ll pass through Yucca Valley, the town. This is the best place to load up on groceries, fire wood and water. If you’re looking for free water then once you to get to Park BLVD, (The turn off when you see NOMAD outdoor store on the right) you’ll see an Old Timey Wood building called JOSHUA TREE GENERAL STORE. They have  a water tap around the back and just request donations, but seriously go inside and buy yourself a cool souvenir instead! This place is super climber friendly and also have showers for a fee.

Coyote Corner

Coyote Corner

Lastly, Be Nice to People

This is another one of those common sense things but you’d be surprised at how beneficial a little please and thank you can be. Since I arrived super late all the camp sites were full. As I was driving around the Hidden Valley Loop I came to the very last campsite and got out of my car to see if it was available, but to my dismay it was already inhabited. As I turned around back to my car, a gentlemen approached me from a nearby campsite and offered to move his van and let me share his campsite with his family! What an awesome family! They’re from Santa Barbara and were taking their kids on an educational camping field trip to Joshua tree! HOW COOL IS THAT?? What amazing parents. They had such amazing kids and the relationships between the 9 person family was truly touching. The kids were polite, friendly and loving and obviously well learned from the parents. Anyways, given them an amazing shout out if your ever in Santa Barbara, CA and you need printing services please go to their company A generous family like that is bound to give great personable service.

Hidden Valley Campsite #30

Hidden Valley Campsite #30

So, first night not too shabby! Since I arrived when it was pitch black.. I can’t wait to see what Joshua Tree will look  like in the morning.



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