#AmazingRaceMelbaAdam Gone Viral

“Melba is not just a person, she’s an experience.” Zenon Campbell

Ever since they were selected for the Woods Canada Dream Job, Melba and Adam have suddenly become Canada’s most favourite Canadians! Okay maybe not everyone’s favourite but some people like us.

Amazing Race Melba Adam

Amazing Race Melba Adam

Once we finished the #WoodsExplorer trip across Canada on the TransCanadaTrail,  I have been getting back to back messages and posts about how we should apply for The Amazing Race Canada . At first it was a little hard to picture us getting right back on the horse and being behind a camera after filming so much for the past 5 months. So we took a break and let the idea marinate, and as the messages and push from friends and family and even strangers began to accumulate I got into MELBA MODE and we started planning.


We had put so much thought and time in our application video for the Woods Dream Job, I really didn’t know how to compete with that. I knew it was a different sort of audition. It wasn’t the same as Woods but it was imperative that we showcase our personalities.

Adam and I have such a range of emotions and playfulness and craziness to us. We really are like a bag of random jelly beans. Sometimes you get a really yummy one that’s your favourite, sometimes you get a gross one that you spit out immediately and sometimes you get one that leaves you undecided.

Which jelly bean are you?

Which jelly bean are you?

I wanted to keep the video simple, straight forward and genuine. There’s no fireworks or special effects. Just #MelbaAdam sitting on a couch being…. well Melba and Adam.

All we can hope for is Canadians to love us enough to get us in the first round so… tag us #AmazingRaceMelbaAdam and post it on Amazing Race CDA. Or tweet about us @amazingRaceCDA .

Oh to see more videos of #MelbaAdam visit our Youtube page.

And now we wait.

4 thoughts on “#AmazingRaceMelbaAdam Gone Viral

  1. Jelly BINER (see what I did there?) lol … you are gonna get picked!!! You guys are way too awesome for @amazingRaceCDA to bypass you! But I will definately miss not talking to you the whole time you are on the show!!! Sending you every good luck vibe I have in my whole body (except my knee, those are tainted atm). Hugs and love from your #1superfan and now friend. CamperChristina xo

    • CHRISTINA!!!! It’s because of you that we decided to do this! Thanks for believing in us and being #1fan. I’m so glad we’re friends now even if it’s cyber friends! haha I’ll make you proud! !

      • YOU ALREADY DO!!!! 🙂 And I have a hard time believing it is because of me, but you better camperchristina me all over Amazing race Canada when you win just as pretend payback! HAHAHAHAHA. xo

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