Keyano Theatre YMCA Gym Team

Gone And Maybe Forgotten?

In the past living in other cities, I’ve been away from my friends and community for sometimes months at a time.  And often times it would take quite a bit of effort to “get back in,” into those groups. After the Woods Dream Job stealing me away from my town for 5 months, I have to be honest and say I was a little apprehensive coming back. “Would people remember me? Did they miss me? What did I miss?”

Cabaret Cast

Cabaret Cast

I guess I was worried that people would just keep going on with their lives (as they did in other places I’ve lived) and I would simply be reintegrating myself again…

Wondering if Brodie and Seth ditched me... OF COURSE THEY DIDN'T!

Wondering if Brodie and Seth ditched me… OF COURSE THEY DIDN’T!

Friends Don’t Let Friends Disappear

However, this time was different. Ever since I returned to Fort Mcmurray, it has been just hugs and people calling to see me and do things with me. It has been so amazing and comforting to see all my friends from the Wood Buffalo community. I think it’s something many people take for granted when they have steady ongoing relationships with their friends. Since I move and travel a lot I always feel like I am starting over. But this time I know I have found a place where time and distance cannot affect the value people put in good friendships.

Cabaret Cast Rehearsal

Cabaret Cast Rehearsal

Rich In Community, Rich In Art

There are so many fantastic artists in this town and all of them so supportive and positive about any successes or failures that occur in the community. I love them so much.  These last few weeks back I’ve had a chance to see many of my friends on stage at Keyano Theatre in A Few Good Men and I was blown away by how much I missed seeing things from the other side. Earlier this year I was on the main stage performance Cabaret as Helga and from that experience I developed a strong bond with many of the community actors.

A Few Good Men Cast

A Few Good Men Cast

Work Out Buddies

So strong in fact that we’ve somehow inadvertently  started a gym team.  I’ve had workout partners before, people to run with, climb with, swim with, but this group is special. We all have our own different goals and reasons to why we want to get into shape and we all come from such diverse backgrounds. The biggest thing however, is that we all act at Keyano Theatre together.  It’s a unique kind of support that I didn’t have with my running friends, or swimming friends or whatever. I think it’s because we all have such different strengths that it brings a whole different perspective to working out. And because we all have theatre as a common factor there’s always a lot of fun involved. A lot. A lot, a lot!

Omg Shoes

Omg Shoes

Hey Bro, Do You Lift?

The last couple weeks I’ve been learning some weight training exercises from my friend Brodie and Seth. Brodie is kind of our team Captain because I guess he knows how to use the darn things.  We usually start by stretching and then push out some pull/chin ups and after whatever the workout is we hit the pool. We have dubbed this the “Gym & Swim.” Brodie and I actually kind of lifeguard together as well at the YMCA. By kind of I mean I haven’t worked there in several months and he just started recently.

Shaking out after wall sits.

Shaking out after wall sits.

The Incredible Seth

Seth. Seth is this incredible human that just pushes us to push ourselves. And yet he doesn’t judge if you use 5lb weights and he’s ripping out 40’s. He just wants you to give it all you got.  I really like that about him. He makes you feel like a hulk regardless of what your measurable strength is; and that my friends is what I respect as true strength. And on the flip side Seth is working on improving his swimming techniques and that’s where Brodie and I come in. It’s freaking team work I say! And because Seth is a fantastic actor and driven to be all that he can be, he learns faster than whatever is opposite a gold fish.

Seth yelling at Brodie for

Seth yelling at Brodie for “ONE MORE!”

Michelle Unicorn

Lastly, there’s Michelle. She’s part of the Keyano Theatre troupe as well and she just makes all of our days. She’s actually 90% of the reason why I was able to get the Woods Dream Job. Largely, because she believed in me more that I did myself, and she spent several hours with me in the planning and scripting stages of my application and interviews.  Anyways, like I was saying, Michelle is the greatest part of this Keyano Theatre YMCA Gym Team. She’s like this magical unicorn that sometimes appears from the windows in the mezzanine waving away at us down at the pool.  And when we see her, it all comes together. She said it so well the other day “supporting each other on and off the stage!”



And that about ties it up. To give you a little insight on what I’ve been doing the past few weeks… besides all the other things I’m doing.

Oh, and why am I trying to crush at the gym? Well besides trying to get ripped for next climbing season, I’m heading to Joshua Tree, California next week to climb! (Actually supposed to be going down for my cousins wedding in Palm Springs but obviously I’m going climbing to J TREE!! It’s only 50min away.)

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