P Style Toast

PStyle Toast – 5 Stars

I am a strong believer of trying new things and finding ways to make experiencing life more enjoyable. That’s why I am going to give you the opportunity to explore Peeing Standing Up.

The P Style

For the video review please click here: Youtube PStyle
For CamperChristinas review of the GoGirl click here : Go Girl Review

Here is some background information on my experiences with the PStyle:

I’ve been using the P Style for over 3 years now and I can not go anywhere without it. Seriously, ask any one my friends and family, everyone knows about “Melba’s Pee Device.” Many of them may even tell you they’ve peed with me before.

 My friend Zenon once said “Melba’s not a person. She’s an experience.” (I wonder if this is what he was talking about?)

Zenon was asked to say something about me for a local newspaper

Quote for a local newspaper

Some may think that this is strange but honestly when you’re an outdoors person and always knee deep in activities there isn’t always a five star toilet nearby, so you have to be adaptable, flexible and resourceful. There’s a wide range of pee devices out there but you have to have the confidence to pick one up and try it to see for yourself.

South America Hot Rock Expedition 2012

South America Hot Rock Expedition 2012

I discovered the PStyle from a German friend I met while climbing in South America. She had a spare P Style and was amazing enough to lend it to me. In her experience with several different brands, I began to understand what to look for in a quality pee device that satisfied certain aspects in form and function.

Over the years I have learned that the P Style is like a purse. I love it. I have different colours. I take it with me everywhere. I lose it sometimes and I am lost without it.

As part of my new life I no longer have to squat on the side of the highways or hide behind a dumpster, or be caught with my pants half down in front of a family of hikers . I can simply go almost anywhere and anytime. Especially because I AM a girl, people don’t realize I’m peeing and I can finish the job without being judged or discovered.

It’s not just about the ability to pee standing up. Honestly, I’ve used the P Style in more ways I never even dreamed of.  It’s great for directing the flow of pee so that it doesn’t end up all over your leg! I’ve used it in the Northwest Territories paddling in a canoe on the Great Slave lake and Mackenzie river.  I’ve often used it kneeling uphill on the mountain while skiing or snowboarding.

Real friends pee together. (Dan Payne & Melba Seto)

Real friends pee together. (Dan Payne & Melba Seto)

I think that I am lucky to have friends and family that accept me already for who I am, but I am ever more impressed that they are always ready to embrace what adventures, experiences and ideas I keep coming up with.  As silly as it may seem the last couple days working on this blog about the Pstyle has enabled me to reflect on another aspect of the relationships I have with my friends.

The simple fact that my friends were eager and willing to film the Pstyle Video Review with me. And that when showing my friends the video to preview; they laughed at what I laughed at, and they knew what I knew. I really appreciated the bonds I have developed and being able to pee with a friend and laugh about it and talk about it, it’s something rather strangely rewarding.

Friends that Pee together, stay together.

Friends that Pee together, stay together.

The P Style really has changed my life as an outdoor enthusiast.  I can do more things  now and waste less time on stress searching for a place to go.  And the greatest thing of all, I can share more things with the people I love.

Share this with a friend if you’ve peed together. And to MY friends… please comment below if we’ve peed together, or experience the P style with me. I think people would like to hear how we’ve all bonded!

Cheers! To all things that bring us closer together. Thank you P Style.


For the video review please click here: Youtube PStyle

For CamperChristinas review of the GoGirl click here : Go Girl Review

19 thoughts on “P Style Toast

  1. This is amazing Melba! It’s like a full out commercial performed, created, directed, edited and marketed by one person! What a great asset you would be to a company like P-Style or anyone else for that matter? A total professional! I would go out and buy every color of P-style they carry after watching you talk about it! I am beyond Impressed !!

    • Hahaha you’re so awesome Christina! I’m glad you had fun watching it! I think that what I’m most excited about… hearing about what people thought was funny about my posts or videos. I think it makes me happy to know we share the same way of thinking. And someday… someday my friend… we will pee together. Because you know what I always say… “friends that pee together, stay together.”


  2. OH. MY. GOSH.
    Melba!! I have been wanting to get one of these! My friend got every female member of his family one for Christmas the other year! They all swear by it! He got one for his mom, his sister, etc.

    Such an awesome post! I think you’re my new favourite blog! xo

    • I support you Christine! Do it! A woman like you NEEDS To have a device like this! And besides if you like the diva cup then you can only imagine what Pstyle will do for you! Haha Thanks loving my random posts! See?? A blog for anyone and everyone!


  3. I have peed with Melba more times than I can count and evertime it’s just as good as the first. This frigging thing has brought us closer than most couples.

  4. Ok….i coulda used one of those…..2005…in Africa, Serengetti on a safari. We tentd for the night right there out in the open. They had a hole in the ground for you to squat and pee. I thought….. nahhh no problem. Walked up to it and dropped pants and thought, nope, this isnt going to work. I tried many angles and positions and i still ended up peeing on my shoe. This decixe would have come in very handy!

  5. You are a hoot! That video LOL … truly could become a commercial if FUD’s are advertised that way. I have tried 2 FUD’s now, one with the lovely camperchristina.com, and this one is going to have to be ‘3rd time a charm’. I had the backsplash issue with the other 2 but the design of this should solve that no problem. With all the climbing and week long hikes we do, really need to find one that works for me. There have even been times on long runs that I would’ve loved one of these if I was willing to carry it. Read about our adventuring at http://karengeterdone.com/ THANKS for being you, kooky, real and honest. Ya might have just sold me a Pstyle 🙂

    • Do it karen.. DO IT and tell me all about it!! I want to hear your pee adventures! I think all active women need to get on of these! how do you live without one!!???? It’s been years and I’m lost without it. I gave magee one to try and she loved it for the second half of the TCT! maybe one day you, christina and me can be pee sisters!

  6. Melba can pee farther than I can. I’m excited to see how well she handles peeing her name in the snow this winter!

    • Oh stop you be playing! Craigs like 16″taller than me there’s no way i can pee father… unless i’m cheating.. but we’ve definitely enhanced our friendship via pee breaks. I love you buddy! 🙂

  7. While I haven’t peed with you, I have definitely been there when you’ve rocked this device. Heading down a run at a busy ski hill, Melba just goes I have to pee, disappears to the edge of the trees whips it out and is done before I even realize what she’s doing, and anyone else can notice her. You’ve inspired me to dig out the she-wee I bought two years ago and never practiced enough to get confident with. I may even change to your awesome pstyle!

    • Haha aw Nicole thanks for sharing that I hope someday we can whip it our together and share a pee… ski season is JUST around the corner! no more chalet breaks for us! I love you!

    • I know EXACTLY what you mean! And yes the PSTYLE is now always packed with my climbing gear because with it… i can pee without taking off that harness! I’m excited for you can’t wait to hear how it goes!

  8. Great review, I will get a Pstyle now since my Gogirl overflows if I pee too hard. Nice to hear that I’m not the only one that bonds with friends by peeing with them and find it rewarding! Have you ever had a peeing contest with them? I wanna know if this pees as far as the Gogirl…

      • I used the Pstyle and it was a lot easier to use, I love it! As for the contest, it seems the Gogirl pees farther. There’s one guy I can usually beat in a peeing contest, but failed with the Pstyle. In case you’re wondering how I was able to pee farther than a man with the Gogirl, I don’t allow them to point their penis upward. The Pstyle pees far enough though.

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