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I have always been known as someone who loves to build with their hands.  At at early age you would always find me making things and building things.  I believe that there are many ways to measure the awesomeness of a human being, but the most important form of measurement is indicated by the desire to pursue personal growth.


One of the things I want to share with you all today, is the excitement and passion I am currently experiencing as a result of the Fort Mcmurray Pottery Guild reopening.

It had been closed as of June 2014 for renovations until about June 2015. However as many of you know I spent the last five months – since May 2015 – exploring the Trans Canada Trail as a Woods Canada Ambassador, and consequently was unable to see the new studio until, well yesterday!

And since then, (meaning in the last 32 hours in Fort Mcmurray – and since hitting the moose on highway #63), I have already reinitiated my membership, paid my dues and spent over 10 hours of that 32 hours… potting.

This is to give you all a calibration of my passion for ceramics.


Proudly Made in Alberta.

The new studio is beautiful, I’ll be posting photos and videos later this week.  It was so great to see the local potters and see what new skills everyone has developed since I have been gone.

There’s just such a wonderful earthy smell in the air when you enter. And having the flexibility of my own key to the guild I can go in at whatever time of day and work until my hearts delight.

Currently, I am glazing a batch of 2014 pieces that were not completed from before the studio was closed. As well I am working on getting my groove back as it’s been nearly 1.5 years and I only started in November 2013 so I am definitely a little rusty.

Mugs from the

Mugs from the “Caveman” series

Anyways, those were a sneak peak of what I am working on. Please stay tuned for the finished product. And If you’re interested in purchasing any of the pieces I will be posting them up on Etsy @SetoPottery, once they are available. Or feel free to follow SetoPottery on instagram for the latest photos.

Bread plate w. Olive oil & balsamic vinegar dish

Bread plate w. Olive oil & balsamic vinegar dish

10 thoughts on “Seto Pottery : Ceramics Inspired By Nature

    • Aw thanks Christina! I just really like to do all sorts of things! I’m not great at anything but I’m good at a lot of random things. Such as the saying “Jack of all trades – master of none.”

  1. I need to get my hands on some Seto Pottery! I’m a huge pottery lover and collect pieces wherever I travel. I pretty much needed to buy another suitcase just for pottery when I visited PEI last Fall!

    • Come visit me! You get a special friend discount for sure! I know! The celtic potter in PEI are amazing! I wanted to buy so many things but we already were way beyond out luggage limit. That makes me happy you like handmade 🙂

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