Backseat Rider

Every year I forget how awesome it is to get on my bike… until spring rolls around and when you see that first bike on the road, your hands begin to sweat and all you can think of is what you need to do to get that beast on the road! [Click for Back Seat Rider VIDEO or my 99 Problems Bike Video

My 2010 KLR 650 My 2010 KLR 650

For me, my season was over before it began this year. After travelling across Canada with Woods Canada Dream job, I returned just in time for people to start getting their bikes ready for storage. But like any adventure enthusiast I was not about to go down without a fight.

Our first day back, Adam and I replaced the battery and installed the new adjustable stand (because I’m so short last season I had to order a custom Renazco seat to lower it a little and we installed a set of lowering links to bring it down a little more) and now I can just touch with the tips of my toes.

DCIM100GOPRO Riding around the CP Rail dirt roads.

I think I’m ready to go but when I check my helmet, which is where I always keep my insurance and registration.. the registration is valid but the insurance is expired! And it’s a SUNDAY! SUCH A MELBA LUCK!

So I wait patiently for another day and my insurance broker Patrick did wonders to get the new policy up and running for me and now… I am good to go.

Female Driver Jokes

I’m sure many women can relate on how often they hear female driver jokes.  And being an asian female I’ve had my fair share of comments and jokes.  Even though it’s never aimed AT me… it’s still woman nature to want to defend the honour of us all! Actually come to think of it, almost every other one of my female friends has at least two classes of drivers licenses. That’s pretty cool, now that I’m thinking about it.

Continuing on!  I think the best form of practice is keep those comments to yourself, whether it’s male drivers, asian drivers, female drivers, or young drivers.  Making offensive comments doesn’t breed safer drivers for the road, it actually does the contrary by affecting driver confidence. Let just be supportive and give everyone a chance to prove themselves before the label gets stuck on them.

Be a backseat rider not a backseat driver?

Anyways, enough pitter – patter, idle chatter!

This is my first and last week riding this season and I want to take YOU for a cruise. Let’s not waste a minute.

To experience a ride on the back of Melba’s KLR650 click HERE

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