Strong Women Inspire Strong Women

 One of the biggest things I’ve learned about my 5 month dream job as a Woods Canada Explorer is that inspiration is cyclical. I’ve spent most of my life surrounding myself with amazing friends and supportive family and everyone’s always been excited by my accomplishments and adventures but it wasn’t until recently that I finally understood what it meant to inspire someone.


Bouldering Yamnuska

I have been so humbled by the comments I’ve received on social media regarding how people have changed because of my videos and experiences.

I began learning about people following our journey, like @Karengeterdone and @Camperchristina and @Chancesmommy. And it blew me away the things these women have accomplished. Here they are following my journey and instead I find myself inspired by theirs.

Let me give you the biggest things that touched me about each of these amazing women:


Karen reaches the summit of Mt.Baker

Karen and her husband decided one day in their early fifties, that life was not what they wanted to be at . So they bought some land, hired a trainer, and started making a change in their lives.

They began training and motivating each other to be stronger, better, healthier! After all that hard work, they now they ascend mountains across the world.

In their FIFTIES! They are mountaineers!

Visit to follow their accomplishments.


CamperChristina First Solo Trip

Christina works as a book keeper and has always been adventurous but started to lack motivation and direction in her life.

Then she saw the application video for the Woods Explorer position and in the process of applying she rediscovered her priorities. She even became an honorary Woods Explorer because of her passion to share the outdoors with her community.

Christina realized that the world is what you make it and began a head on journey spending over 13 weekends this summer outdoors! It’s as though something grabbed her and shook her and she’s discovered what she’s really meant for. 

Follow her journey as a champion of the outdoors at

“U inspired me to apply for my dream job…”

Text From Allisa

And most recently, one story that tipped my heart strings over the edge. One of my best friends and dental hygiene colleagues messaged me the other day.

She said I inspired her to pursue her dreams and become a sky diving instructor. But she didn’t only simply send in a resume and just wait for life to give her a call.

She picked up a camera and tied up her shoes and made a bad ass application video. What a great example of tenacity and ambition. If you WANT something you only have to GRAB it.

To watch her application video click: IFly Fitness Test – Allisa Davidson



Then I met Christine. A city girl that left it all to pursue a simpler life in the country. I think anyone brave enough to embrace a change like that can do anything!

In her journey she’s inspired me to reflect on what I really want in life and make the changes necessary to get there sooner than later. When I hear of Christine’s 6 year daughter excited about the outdoors and passionate about adventure I know Christine’s done the right job as a mother.

The young need to be inspired as well as taught to value nature. That way they can take care of it when we are no longer there to teach them.

My 6 year old super fan, reminds me to not only inspire the ones that can make the change now, but also the the ones that can make the change later.

To learn more about Christine visit

In conclusion, inspiration is cyclical. It goes around, then it comes back around, so a Toast to the strong women in my life. Thank you for inspiring me please continue to grow and share what you know with the people you care about. Share this post with a strong woman that inspires you. It’s never too late to grow.

11 thoughts on “Strong Women Inspire Strong Women

  1. Wow! You sure do know how to make someone feel appreciated!!! Don’t worry, your turn is coming! Thanks so much for being the coolest person I know, well, one of them for sure! hahaha. I know you are destined for great things and I am going too! It’s gonna be an amazing ride girly so buckle up and hang on!!!! 🙂 Love you Binerbabe! xoxoxo

    • I do appreciate you! That makes me happy you liked it! One of my greatest pursuits to make sure I always tell amazing people they are amazing because you never know what tomorrow brings… through life and adventure I’ve lost people that I neglected to remind how awesome they were. So, Cheers miss Christina you are awesome and also destined for great things!

    • THANKS HANNA!!! That means so much! Yes its so incredible how many amazing humans are out there!! I think there’s magic to this internet thing after all! I always found it so hard to meet amazing women and then suddenly this past year. BAM! They’re like everywhere!

  2. You made my day and more! I love it when women support other women. It doesn’t happen as often as it should and I’m all about celebrating other peoples successes. Good karma, positive living. Strong women rock and you are totally up there in the strong women category. Thank you!

    • Karen I’m so glad we’re in the circle of friends together ! You’re right it’s hard to find strong women motivated to change their lives and when you do you have to support each other and stick together! Can’t wait to share growth and adventures together !

  3. Melba, thank you so much for the mention. I was completely shocked! YOU are an incredible inspiration and I have enjoyed following your Woods Explorer adventures. I’m thankful to have been given the opportunity to get to know you. I find it so interesting how lives are intertwined and stories shared through the interwebs! There are no chance meetings and every person we encounter has lessons to teach us, or reminders to give us. I started following the Woods Explorer shares on social because I was working on a social media campaign with Canadian Tire and Woods Canada. So thankful for that. Keep writing your beautiful and inspiring posts and I’ll keep following! 🙂

    • Christine! That really made my day to read this comment from you. As you know social media isn’t easy and it was so foreign to me when I started the Woods Explorer position. Thanks to people like your daughter, you, camperchristina and karengeterdone it reminded me that there are REAL people out there who know that I’m a real person too. On top of that I didn’t realize how many amazing go getters there were on this crazy interweb place! It seems like in these past 5 months I’ve met more amazing outdoor women that I have in a long time! Thanks for introducing me into this world I’m so happy to have “met” you and I know someday we’ll yum Cha together!!

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