There and back again. The next chapter of a Woods Canada Explorer

Woods Dream Job

My journey of a lifetime travelling across Canada on the historic Trans Canada Trail has come to a close, but with its conclusion begins a different sort of adventure for me…


Woods Explorer: Magee Walker, Cedric Schell, Adam Kochanek, Melba Seto

I have always been an individual driven to pursue personal growth and accept new challenges and I often reflect on what I have learned and what I want to learn. I believe that one of the most important things in life is to continually expand your knowledge, skill set and respect for the great outdoors.


The last 5 months as a Woods Canada Ambassador has exponentially ticked off items from the proverbial “bucket list” and  now, after being touched and inspired  by Canadians all across the  board I have decided to  share my adventures and stepping stones of growth with those who choose to follow.

The final day of our leg on the Mackenzie River, NWT

The final day of our leg on the Mackenzie River, NWT

So, if you will join me in this journey, perhaps you will have something to teach me as well.

Cheers ~ Melba.

11 thoughts on “There and back again. The next chapter of a Woods Canada Explorer

  1. Glad you started blogging Melba! I would totally miss you but the adventures never end. I’m of the same mind, taking on challenges, teaching people about the great outdoors and constantly trying to push myself to the next level. The saying is something like “watch those who are doing what you want to do ….” I’m gonna find a way to life of adventuring somehow someway. Happy Adventures in writing!


    • Thanks Karen! I know its going to be a huge learning curve but I am so excited to learn about this because I believe sharing our growth our community is so valuable and I want to be a part of it!


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